Tuesday, May 04, 2010

5.0 Alishan 阿里山

The next day (6th day), we headed to Alishan (阿里山). Alishan is located at Chiayi (嘉义) district. We took the 8am railway train from Kaohsiung Train Station (高雄火车站)to Chiayi Train Staion (嘉义火车站) for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Train ticket cost us NT$246 per person.

We reach Chiayi Train Staion and we brought 10am bus ticket to Alishan. It is a 2 hour journey and the ticket price is NT$221. The Famous Alishan Forest Railway had stop service since the 88 flood (88水灾) that hit Taiwan last year. The locals told us the Forest railway will be only available after 3 years from the flood. We saw alot of damage cause by mother nature.

The bus will stop us at the Alishan National Scenic Area (阿里山國家風景區) entrance. Each person will need to buy a ticket to enter. We paid $100 per person with the youth card(np$150).

We reach Alishan at 12 noon, the bus stop us at 7-11,and our homestay - 欣欣民宿is just beside the7-11, it is so convinent.

Decoration on the enterance of the homestay.

The lady boss is such a kind lady, she even borrow us thick jumper coat for us at the next morning due to the cold weather. Our room is NT$1200 per might and it is there have a heater in the room.

We ate our lunch at the near by stall near our homestay. We met a Singapore family of 4, after some chit chat, we found out that they are traveling at Taiwan for 26days! Whenever I tell my friend that I'm going to Taiwan for 17 days, they will say "Siao ar? go so many days for what ar?", "So many things to see mer?". After this trip, I can say "Yes, you need so many days if you plan to round Taiwan Island". Even 17 days for us is still not enough.

After our lunch, we started our journey at Alishan Hill. There is a native performance in front of the enterance.

Started climbing up the hill. Started to spot cherry blossom aka sakura flowers on the way.

Cherry blossom (sakura) season starts from 10th March until 15 April every year. We was at Alishan at 8th March and we are so lucky that this year the cherry blossom open early this year.

I must say, we really have a good exprience in seing beautiful white and red blossom around Alishan.

Alishan Forest Railway 阿里山铁路.

After the flood, tourist to Alishan decrease tremendously. We visit Alishan at Monday and the crowd was so little.

It's a huge park and we start to get lost.

Even the tree, forest looks beautiful with those sakura flower trees.

Here we reach the Two Sisters Pond (姊妹潭).

The we saw the Golden pig.
And the famous love tree.

The famous Shermuh (神木) - giant tree. We have climbed more then 100 stairs up from the Giant Trees Trail just to see this huge tree. The small Cihyun Temple, and the Tree Spirit Pagoda are along the way.

We walked thru the Alishan Park for more then 5 hours until the day got dark. We visited 7-11 on our way to have our dinner. Cute 7-11 Alishan mascot & T-shirt . I think the doll is the cutest among all.

Top left:Lunch: meat noodle肉庚面 - nice
Bottom left:mua-ci - taste good
The rest are the steamboat Dinner we had, NT$700 – taste so so....
There is nothing much to write on the food at Alishan.

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ceyee said...

hi there! i love your blog about your taiwan trip. simple yet informative =) would like to ask about the bus ticket you purchased to Alishan. did you buy it when you reache Chiayi train station? or you pre book it? thank you.
sincerely Ce Yee


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