Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Short Trip back to Penang

My brother was back from UK on someday mid March and our dad ask us to get back for a small gathering over the weekend.

He brought back alot of chocolates ~ yummy ones. One of my favorite is these Ferrero Dark Chocolates. And some dark chocolate Kit Kat too. Our family is a great fan of chocolates.

When to the market and saw some of our childhood snacks. My sister brought and gave my brother some. Which he will never find these at UK. The price shoot up high compare to those days when we were young.

Steamboat is our tradition dish on Chinese New Year. My brother couldn't make it back for this year Chinese New Year. So we gather and prepare one for him.

No photo's on my family~ why? Warn buy my sister not to put "ugly" un-edit pictures up online. Haha.

Here are some pictures on my dogs at home. It is so hard to capture a still picture of Browny.
Too much flash ~~
Lucky looks great on pictures ~!

Spotted a cute white puppy beside my friends house ~

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