Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5.2 Fenqihu 奮起湖 + 嘉义Chiayi

We left Alishan at 12pm to Fenqihu(奮起湖),NT$400 per person.
Public transport is impossible to reach Fenqihu due to time constrain.Unless you are staying there 1 night.

On the way to Fenqihu,they are repairing the road and cause massive jam on the road for more then 40 minutes. We ended up reaching Fenqihu 3++pm which initialy need only 1 hour trip.

Fenqihu is a small town along the forest railway.

It is well know for the local box lunches (奮起湖便當, Fencihu bento) which were once sold to passengers on the rail line. Each lunch box is sold NT$100, which consist rice, vegetables, chicken and pork meat. TS love Fenchihu bento alot.

There are several old street, wooden houses selling sourvinor and foods.
The railway station that was stoped working due to the flood.

We continue our journey down to ChiaYi. We stop by the temple (龍隱寺).

And there are 2 Suspension Bridge.
The Tianchang bridge (天長橋) is closed.

But not the DiJiu Brigde (地久橋)

We reach Chiayi train station and we headed to 新高大飯店 and check-in our hotel in Chiayi. Room rates is NT$800 per night. The hotel is very near to the train station and the room is quite big.

On our way for dinner, we stop at Bosini and brought both of us 2 thick jumper jackets. 2 jackets only cost us NT$1400 which we will never get this price in Malaysia. The SA recommend me to buy a thicker one as I will be visiting Qingjing on the next few days.

The weather jump to as cold as 8-9°C at night due to the cold wind(寒流)blowing toward Taiwan island.

Our dinner is famous chicken rice nearby our hotel. Too bad I forgotten to snap the shop name.

After dinner, we wonder around Chiayi town. The weather is so cold and we stop to had some Taofufa (豆花) and you know what, the Taofufa went cold after 15 minutes. Oh ~! the weather is really really cold by now.

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