Friday, October 28, 2005

Breakfast ~ Positrium

As usual, if I'm late to work, I will grab a pack of Positrium from my house and drink it at office as breakfast. Positrium is a chocolate favor diet program drink that contains neccessary mineral, protien and vitamin we need plus low calories. Everytime i drink that, I feel more healtier and more fresher. Its will make to go toilet every morning.

Today, I make a cup for myself too, but when I started to drink,
"eh.... why the taste like different one?"

Drinked more to taste.
"eh.... abit light, the taste like too less positrium and too much water."
"I put the whole pack, hmm.... the positrium spoil liao??"
"Die, later I stomach ache again... argh...."

But until I drink until half, I strire and see. Just found out the because I didn't strite properly, which make all the powder of the positrium at the end of the cup. Which tells why the drink taste that weird.

Now, my stomach abit full with water, as I drink 1 and a half cup of positirum. :P

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oh my god!



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