Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Food poisoning


Suppose to be a wonderfull weekend at home, ended up food poisoning.

I'm not sure what a ate, just 2-3 days later, I will kena food poisoning for sure. Not sure is the food, the water, the plates that I'm using.... etc.

I will start with diherra non-stop, then stomach ache, then body tried, then sleep whole day.
Plus this time I go back, my face pop-up alot of pimples, and it feel itchy in my face and my body.
What house is it going to be?

Not sure is it the Kutu at my house. Currently my house is under Kutu attack from my dogs. Sugar (outside) -> got alot of kutu at his body, with cause the 2 small dog inside the house kena kutu attack too. My parents everyday were busy helping them caught the kutu. but it still came n came and came back. Its so much as u can see alot crawling at the floor, coming out from the piano. Sucks. I have kill alot. They will kesi kesi die and if u not take care, it will run away. I think I beem killing more the 50 kutu. It being crawling here and there and everywhere in my house. It seems they will smell, if there is a dog there, they will crawl until there.

Argh.... might be the kutu hunting make me food poisoning...

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Justin K C Yap said...

i think the little kutu must have cause u to have food poisoning. I have met this stuff once too when my dog are under this stupid kutu attack hehe. Anyway i will go to penang soon. Hope to meet u up there


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