Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sick again

Stomach ache again.

Friday was a terrible stomack ache, I feel that I drink less water, so I drinked alot. Too much until my stomach become blotty full. Argh.. Evening I started become hungry, but was too lazy to go downstairs to buy something to eat. Thinking that later company meeting should have some stuff to eat. But... at last company meeting is cancel... Oh.. where is my food??
I was lazy to go down to buy food when I saw the time was near toward 7pm. My stomach become more and more air, pain and suffer. Later one of my collegue give me "ang ku" kuih, I was too hungry that I eaten it fast enough and wanting more and more. After eating was still the same `PAIN`. No choice but to go to my next destination. I have my CALMAG (calsium + magnisium) in hand, but No Water... How to telan??

Waited Long for the bus to come. What kind of public transport is this, 1 hour just come 1 bus... argh.

Reach my destination, found WATER in a convinent shop and telan 4 calmag at once. Suprissingly after 15 minutes later, it become lesser and lesser pain. But still sometimes when I'm neavers, I still will be hurting for painfull stomach.

Reached home, diherra again. So sad. Wondering what I eat that cause this pain. Oh.. I remember that I eat chickhen rice and I forgotten I couldn't eat spicy. I dip on the spicy chili sauce serve with the chickhen rice. Oh... My stomach still can't really stand spicy staff yet.

After a few times at the toilet, I was to tried that I felt asleep until he called me up for bath.

Saturday was a missirable day too. Whole day spending in the toilet, diherra like hell.. Face whiten as a paper (according to my friend). Whole day eat very light light food.

Sunday I recover more. I have KFC for lunch. But I regreted for it. Not because I diherra again, but KFC no taste. I use to eat Hot n Spicy KFC but because of my stomach, I eat original taste and I cannot dip chili sauce. Ended up diping tomato sauce which tasted sucks. At nite I eat nasi lemak, cause I missed the sayur there (not spicy 1), but I can't eat its curry chickhen, ended up with just black sauce meat. Argh. Taste not good too :(

Conclusion, when you are sick, dont try to eat those things you like which you cannot eat, but push it tobecome something that u can eat. Hai~~

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