Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Petrol vs Coke

Oh no.... Petrol price have increase dramastically from last year until now. Malaysia already have 5-6 time increasement of petrol price.

Many people tend to go to fill up their car with petrol the nite b4 petrol price increase. Will you all do that?Although they say that only increse 10 cents per liter, but its still alot.

I have a friend working in the petrol station, he said that the nite b4 petrol increase, tat day sales will increase about 3 -4 times. Wah.... That means alot people come and line up to fill up their tanks. But one car only have 1 tanks, how can it be that much? My friend say that, behind the booth, there are 6-8 container for each car. Oh my god. Thats why they can have this kind of sales.

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izchan said...

we are still paying less than most other countries.


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