Monday, October 03, 2005

Lonely weekend

Have been alone all day ~_~
wake up with him, sent him off to Hoo's car
alone walk to buy my breakfast
alone walk up to condo
alone lepak at home
alone fall asleep
alone wash clothers
alone go to have lunch (But meet friends called Wendy and Marina)
alone go comic shop to read comic (until Janet come to find me)
alone drive back (to drive Janet to the LRT station)
alone go shopping (brought my rope to do the friendship band)
alone go wondering
alone go have my dinner
alone at home wash clothers
alone at home listen radio (too scared to be alone at home without any noice accompany me)
alone doing the freindship band (finally successfull)
alone clean up my house
alone waiting phone calls (but ended up no phone call)
alone sleep (can't sleep) ,... 4am baru zzzZZzzzzZZZ...

alone wake up
alone have lunch (brought some cakes, and fruits, don't feel like to eat chicken rice)
alone at home, listen radio
alone wash clothers
alone drive to Prima setapak
chat with Fei
have dinner with Fei (finally not alone)
shopping with Fei (not alone :) )
alone go Sri Pelangi (find Yun yi)
alone drive back
alone walk up to condo
alone waited phone (he called, but I have to sent SMS in advance)
alone bath
alone sleep (didn't afaird as i'm too tried)

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