Sunday, October 30, 2005

<<小雛菊>> ~ 洛心

Her personal homepage. The story
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My love is on OT... Every day until the coming thursday.
I'm the only one who is in long holiday, I apply 2 days leave but I have a total of 9 days holiday...~ Cool

But alone having so much holiday sucks
Nothing to do much, at home sit, tidy up things, call people for yam cha, find more people, so shopping, tidy up my room..... bla bla bla. So less friends to hang out. No drama to watch on. Hai~~ No TV, No computer. Just a FM radio.

Such a boring week.

Argh... later don't know what to do next.

I guess I need to read my books and listen my tape and call up some friends :)

不得不爱 ~ 潘玮柏*弦子

My Love like this song really much, he like the girls voice, but I like the man ~ 潘玮柏 - naughty look.

Free listening to 不得不爱

i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
love you

Friday, October 28, 2005

Baba-Nyonya (峇峇娘惹)

What is Baba Nyonya?

Baba Nyonya are terms used for the early Chinese immigrants to the Nusantara region, including both the British Straits Settlements of Singapore, Malacca and Penang and the Dutch-controlled island of Java among other places.

1st I known Baba Nyonya is when I study history in school. Just know that there is such a group of people called Baba Nyonya. But don't really go and study why there are like this. I guess that time I hated History very much. Why? I have bad memory. Hard to memorize all the facts.

2nd, when I meet my bf and his friend, they are saying nyonya dumplings are very nice, very special. Plus Hoo always mention those food from Baba Nyonya group very different. Especially they home cooked food. He keep on stressing how good is was

3nd, when I meet a real Baba Nyonya ancestry, a real Baba men. Haha. Their Malay is very good. Seems like they speak Malay in their home with their parents. Huh.. Malay?? Special! But aren't they chinese??

4th, finally a Nyonya girl stay at my house ~ Susie. She was my bf ex-housemate. Cool. Now all my question have been solved. I finally know more detail on what they are, what are their culture, what's their languge... etc. Cool.

Susie told me got friends ask her:
"Are you muslim?"
"Can you eat pork?"
"ARe you Malay?"... etc

Baba Nyonya were partially assimilated into the Malay culture (especially in food, dress, and language), while retaining some Chinese traditions (religion, name, and ethnic identitity), thereby creating a fusion culture of their own.

I finally know that Baba Nyonya is Chinese, they are not muslim nor Malay and have retained the ancestral worship tradition of the Chinese.

Why they are Baba Nyonya?
Because their great grand great grand... too high above are Chinese married with Malay. So they have different langguage, culture then those who are Malay or Chinese.

Baba Malay [Bahasa Melayu Baba] , is a dialect of the Malay language [Bahasa Melayu], which contains many Hokkien words. Susie told me that its not totally Malay, but mix with alot of hokkien inside. When she is young, she will get confuse on Malay and Baba Nyonya Language. When she is young, she live with her grandma, which she use to speak with her grandma Baba Nyonya Language. Her grandma don't know other language then Baba Nyonya Language. She told me, when she is young, people use to misunderstood and though her she was a malay kid instead of a chinese kid. Hahahaha... But she seldom speak now. I ask her. Will u teach your kid this language? She say depands. I guess this society will become more and more forbidden. Losing its people and culture.

Susie say that her grandma is a pure Nyonya, dishes are all spicy. Almost every dish is spicy.Without spicy, her grandma can't eat. Must add cilipadi. Oh my god.!!!

She also told me that nyonya wear the baju kebaya. But the baju kebaya is transparent!! Oh.. so sexy. You can look thru their transparent baju kebaya and see their bra's. Susie told me now the younger generation will wear a tub or spagatee strip inside. But the older generation still wear as usual. Exposing their bras. Baba Nyonya far more open minded. I guest!!

Its a great time talking to her when I'm free. She let me know more and more about her culture. Must visit her house in Melaka 1 day. Meet her grandma. :)

** I Have added images from ~~ dolls constume creation **

Selamat Hari Raya

3rd & 4th November 2005

Happy Deepavali

1st November 2005

Pack with people

Friday lunch time, I took the LRT (Train) to the bank. Suprisingly the LRT was pack of ppl. When I reach masjid jamik, its also pack! I thought maybe is the fridays prayers. Thats why it is so pack.

But on my way back. The train even more and more people. When I reach KLCC, it seems like weekends where there is a lot ppl in the shopping mall, seems like those Malay people are starting to on leave and make their last shop in order to celebrate Hari Raya. I also saw alot od Indian as Depavalli is near to the corner as well.

I would like to go shoping in monday and wednesday. Its not the holiday, but I scared too many people crowding in the shopping mall.

Breakfast ~ Positrium

As usual, if I'm late to work, I will grab a pack of Positrium from my house and drink it at office as breakfast. Positrium is a chocolate favor diet program drink that contains neccessary mineral, protien and vitamin we need plus low calories. Everytime i drink that, I feel more healtier and more fresher. Its will make to go toilet every morning.

Today, I make a cup for myself too, but when I started to drink,
"eh.... why the taste like different one?"

Drinked more to taste.
"eh.... abit light, the taste like too less positrium and too much water."
"I put the whole pack, hmm.... the positrium spoil liao??"
"Die, later I stomach ache again... argh...."

But until I drink until half, I strire and see. Just found out the because I didn't strite properly, which make all the powder of the positrium at the end of the cup. Which tells why the drink taste that weird.

Now, my stomach abit full with water, as I drink 1 and a half cup of positirum. :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

To do next week!~

Next week I have whole week of holiday... Yeah~~

Actually I apply 2 day leave, but I have whole week of holiday~~ yeah. Bcoz of the dual festival season.

Things to buy at the holiday/weekend
  1. Toilet paper
  2. Ring's file
  3. Color divider
  4. sport shoe
  5. Plastic File
  6. Extension cord
  7. white board
  8. more chairs + 1 square table
  9. Mirror
  10. start hurting for CNY dress

Things to do at holiday/weekend
  1. Invite people for SAM machine
  2. Go to the dentist
  3. Go to do medical checkup
  4. Read daily and listen tapes daily

Petrol vs Coke

Oh no.... Petrol price have increase dramastically from last year until now. Malaysia already have 5-6 time increasement of petrol price.

Many people tend to go to fill up their car with petrol the nite b4 petrol price increase. Will you all do that?Although they say that only increse 10 cents per liter, but its still alot.

I have a friend working in the petrol station, he said that the nite b4 petrol increase, tat day sales will increase about 3 -4 times. Wah.... That means alot people come and line up to fill up their tanks. But one car only have 1 tanks, how can it be that much? My friend say that, behind the booth, there are 6-8 container for each car. Oh my god. Thats why they can have this kind of sales.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sick again

Stomach ache again.

Friday was a terrible stomack ache, I feel that I drink less water, so I drinked alot. Too much until my stomach become blotty full. Argh.. Evening I started become hungry, but was too lazy to go downstairs to buy something to eat. Thinking that later company meeting should have some stuff to eat. But... at last company meeting is cancel... Oh.. where is my food??
I was lazy to go down to buy food when I saw the time was near toward 7pm. My stomach become more and more air, pain and suffer. Later one of my collegue give me "ang ku" kuih, I was too hungry that I eaten it fast enough and wanting more and more. After eating was still the same `PAIN`. No choice but to go to my next destination. I have my CALMAG (calsium + magnisium) in hand, but No Water... How to telan??

Waited Long for the bus to come. What kind of public transport is this, 1 hour just come 1 bus... argh.

Reach my destination, found WATER in a convinent shop and telan 4 calmag at once. Suprissingly after 15 minutes later, it become lesser and lesser pain. But still sometimes when I'm neavers, I still will be hurting for painfull stomach.

Reached home, diherra again. So sad. Wondering what I eat that cause this pain. Oh.. I remember that I eat chickhen rice and I forgotten I couldn't eat spicy. I dip on the spicy chili sauce serve with the chickhen rice. Oh... My stomach still can't really stand spicy staff yet.

After a few times at the toilet, I was to tried that I felt asleep until he called me up for bath.

Saturday was a missirable day too. Whole day spending in the toilet, diherra like hell.. Face whiten as a paper (according to my friend). Whole day eat very light light food.

Sunday I recover more. I have KFC for lunch. But I regreted for it. Not because I diherra again, but KFC no taste. I use to eat Hot n Spicy KFC but because of my stomach, I eat original taste and I cannot dip chili sauce. Ended up diping tomato sauce which tasted sucks. At nite I eat nasi lemak, cause I missed the sayur there (not spicy 1), but I can't eat its curry chickhen, ended up with just black sauce meat. Argh. Taste not good too :(

Conclusion, when you are sick, dont try to eat those things you like which you cannot eat, but push it tobecome something that u can eat. Hai~~

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Food poisoning


Suppose to be a wonderfull weekend at home, ended up food poisoning.

I'm not sure what a ate, just 2-3 days later, I will kena food poisoning for sure. Not sure is the food, the water, the plates that I'm using.... etc.

I will start with diherra non-stop, then stomach ache, then body tried, then sleep whole day.
Plus this time I go back, my face pop-up alot of pimples, and it feel itchy in my face and my body.
What house is it going to be?

Not sure is it the Kutu at my house. Currently my house is under Kutu attack from my dogs. Sugar (outside) -> got alot of kutu at his body, with cause the 2 small dog inside the house kena kutu attack too. My parents everyday were busy helping them caught the kutu. but it still came n came and came back. Its so much as u can see alot crawling at the floor, coming out from the piano. Sucks. I have kill alot. They will kesi kesi die and if u not take care, it will run away. I think I beem killing more the 50 kutu. It being crawling here and there and everywhere in my house. It seems they will smell, if there is a dog there, they will crawl until there.

Argh.... might be the kutu hunting make me food poisoning...

Friday, October 14, 2005








我常常告诉自己 :“这些是短暂的,会吃苦的人是吃一阵子苦的,不会吃苦的人是一辈子吃苦的。他常常不在家是因为他在外头建立我和他未来。是为了我们将来的日子而干的”。 将来我会有他所有的时间。

Thursday, October 13, 2005


My Birthday Present

My sweetheart necklance. 24th Birthday present from my love. So sweet. I wasn't aspecting this from him. I thought he just bring me to have a nice dinner, thats all. But this is very very suprising. He flew flew infront of my eyes. Wah.... I love it.

The love shape pandent is cool. The look its base on the lighting of light. If u put on a flat surface (eg u put it on the table), it look like a normal heart shape, abit not prefect. But if u wear it as a necklance, it will shine as the light reflex on it. Producing a prefect shine of heart shape. Really cool design. I love it so much. I feel deeply in love. Thanks NTS. I love you.

Birthday card for NTS

I did this card for NTS (my love) during his birthday at 2004. Its was a simple love love card to him. As I love handmade crafts, I guess I create one for him. Its quite simple and cutting papers and stick everything together. The most challeging part would be sticking the love love on the card, as I would like it to be abit 3D effect.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Painfull day

Today whole day was a painful day.
From morning until now, I when to the toilet almost 8 times.
All is diheriea. I don't know its because of my period or what that cause this situation.
Both pain for stommach ache and period pain. Forcing me to eat more (which I don't have much appitiate in) , because if I dont eat, it will be very very much more painful for me.


Monday, October 03, 2005

He's back

He is back!!
He is back!!
He is back!!
He is back!!
He is back!!
He is back!!
He is back!!
He is back!!

Crazy are?
My Love is finally Back to KL.
Miss him alot. Even though its just 3 days.
He called. Haha...
Said that suprise that the living room was clean. Was praising me.
Enter the room, ahhhh... still the same... Haha
I didn't tidy up our room but only the living room only.
Haha... Lazy.
But at last, he is back :) Love you

Lonely weekend

Have been alone all day ~_~
wake up with him, sent him off to Hoo's car
alone walk to buy my breakfast
alone walk up to condo
alone lepak at home
alone fall asleep
alone wash clothers
alone go to have lunch (But meet friends called Wendy and Marina)
alone go comic shop to read comic (until Janet come to find me)
alone drive back (to drive Janet to the LRT station)
alone go shopping (brought my rope to do the friendship band)
alone go wondering
alone go have my dinner
alone at home wash clothers
alone at home listen radio (too scared to be alone at home without any noice accompany me)
alone doing the freindship band (finally successfull)
alone clean up my house
alone waiting phone calls (but ended up no phone call)
alone sleep (can't sleep) ,... 4am baru zzzZZzzzzZZZ...

alone wake up
alone have lunch (brought some cakes, and fruits, don't feel like to eat chicken rice)
alone at home, listen radio
alone wash clothers
alone drive to Prima setapak
chat with Fei
have dinner with Fei (finally not alone)
shopping with Fei (not alone :) )
alone go Sri Pelangi (find Yun yi)
alone drive back
alone walk up to condo
alone waited phone (he called, but I have to sent SMS in advance)
alone bath
alone sleep (didn't afaird as i'm too tried)


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