Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chinse New Year 2009 at Penang

Happy Chinese New Year 2009 to all my friends.

Been missing almost one week. Not reading blogs nor updating my blog. Relaxing the holidays break for CNY was extreemly joyful and happy.

Was just lying at my home sofa, watch movies, playing with my 2 poodles with their new toys. Enjoying CNY cookies, drinks.... did I gain weight this time?

This is the first year we went to your uncle's house to have reunion dinner. For all the past years, my uncle and his family will visit us for reunion dinner.

The first 2 days was just visiting relatives. I have to avoid myself on this questions "When are you going to get married?". "When are you going to have babies?"... Aiyo~~ I don't really know how to answer....

The 3rd day we went to visit our babysister. She take care 4 of our brothers sisters for a reasonable price when we are young. We visit them every year. This year was a good surprise year that we meet her eldest son which I never meet him after he went to New Zealand for studies when I was 7 years old. Me and my family have a good chat with him, his mum (our babysister) and dad too.

The following days was just wondering at home, either go shopping with my sisters. Was really so lazy to go out to visit friends, but my this good friend - Sze Ling and her bf come to visit me on her birthday. So touch~!. Beside that I manage to hook up with 5 of my best friends at high school before coming back to KL tomorow.

My mum organise a dinner steamboat for her friends at friday night and we have a good meal. Her friend makes good tomyam soup. Everyone was having a great time. There is so much to eat (my mum over prepare) and we have to eat those left overs foods for few days consecutive.

My sister brought abalone this year and it was the first year our family enjoy abalone at home. There are quite expensive. 1 tin was SGD40++. But it taste quite good just on steaming it with hot water for few minutes. It taste fresh and good.

Will enjoy the rest of the day and it a brand new year to go.


Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Happy Chinese New Year Ciyou!! Long time didn't keep in touch with you :)
Happy Chinese New Year!! May this year bring you Prosperity and Happiness!! I have a something for you over at my blog, come and collect it :)


aileen :: motu said...

sounds like you are having a happy and warm family gathering.. ^_^

ivy said...




♥ gRaCe ♥ said...

Happy CNY !! I love your cards, esp all those pink CNY cards :-).

shinz @ cosycabin said...

Happy Lunar New Year, dear friend! seems your new year celebration is soooo great!

Jys said...

me too lar, eat eat eat non stop. wuahhahahahaa...

SokChin said...

just realized penang is yr hometown. mayb we r from d same high school...

ee said...



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