Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Dinner

TS come back early at valentine eve (he usually works very late, around 10-11pm). He suggest we go out for dinner. Here we are again at this Roadhouse Grill Restaurant at Jalan Ampang. We call this restoran “吃花生壳可以丢地板的餐厅, which means that you can throw the left over peanuts skins simply on the floor . The floor is really full of eatten peanuts.
I was having mild sore throat, but TS insist and tried hard to pursue me to order this T-bone steak. When it came, I was so shock to see the portion - it so huge. I choose medium well for the steak with BBQ sauce. It taste so good on the first bite on the left side of the bone. After finishing the left side, when I started the right side, it doesn't really taste that good. Not sure why 2 sides of meat taste so different.
TS ordered chicken chop. Taste so so only.

It was quite a satisfacting meal. But the more surprising part is TS gave me a box of chocolate. Which I didn't really expect anything present from him. As I'm still sick until today. I haven't open the box of chocolate and tried it. Will post those pictures later when I am able to eat those chocolates.


Joan said...

is it victoria station? or another 1... there got 2..

Ciyou said...

nope, not victoria stations. I go back ask my bf and see

c h r i s t y * said...

izzit called "roadhouse grill"? there's one in one utama last time, peanuts skin all over the floor XD

Ciyou said...

Bingo~~ christy is correct~ it is call roadhouse grill.


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