Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thean Hou Temple

Sorry I didn't post that often last week. Was sick sick sick for the past 2 weeks. Started with stomach discomfort and now I'm getting this sore throat and flu.

Here are some pictures I took at the 14th day of Chinese New Year.

This year I didn't went to Kek Lok Si at Penang, but TS was so kind that he bring me to Thean Hou Temple at KL.

The queue towards the temple was so long. Traffic was very bad. It was jamming from the hillside. There is a place where the roads up to the hill is around 45 degrees slanting up. And it is a huge jam on that road.

TS drove and park somewhere middle of the hill. We park our car beside the road side and walk up. So of them even park their car down the hill and climb up.
Here is the entrance of the temple. Beautiful lighting. Click to enlarge picture.

Really "People moutain people sea" (人山人海). It was so crowd.

12 chinese zodiac sign of animals in front of the temple. They were made from colorful lanterns.
Mine chinese zodiac - Cute Roster

There is another huge lantern with a cow on the top tip of the lantern. Decorated with the rest of 12 chinese zodiac and lovely lotus flower.
On top of the temple, where they put the god statue was decorated with thousand of red lanterns.
See how many peoples are there below these beautiful lanterns


Joan said...

that Roster like wo lai ye's (我来也)。。。 cute

Agnes Sim said...

i got no chance to visit there. hope next year got chance for me sanp some nice photots there. ;-)


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