Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got my button pouch

I was lucky this year. I win this button pouch from onebowl - a lady that sewing beautiful pouch. (I am inspire with your creations). I request her to sent it after chinese new year (as I won't be at KL that time). But I nearly forgot about it. I only remember that someone is going to send me something but I can't remember what is that.

Last week, I went to my post box and I receive this lovely pack parcel. The packaging is clip with a small stamp tag. Lovely.

The pouch is so cute. She is so generous and gave me additional panda notepads. I think its time to change me old cosmetics bag. Thanks my friend.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Mini Bao

Did this yesterday for the FAA lucky parcel swap. I reduce the number a swap I join per month. Just don't have too much enegry to prepare them.

These bao looks simply too cute~~

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Didn't have a good night sleep last night due to the power failure at mid night. I feel warm and woke up and could sleep back. It become worst as there is a car alarm ringing non-stop. It was early at 7am at Sunday morning.

Did my lucky parcel swaping packing. Did some picture of my crafts that I did last week. Then I was exhausted and tired. TS woke up (he work overnight at saturday) and I went to sleep.

He wake me up for dinner. Then my sunday is finish without creating anything~ How I wish today is saturday night.

I spotted these cute piggy sauce plate. It was just so cute~~ And brought more lace that day. They are just so beautiful. Can't resist them.

I am going back to my bed soon. So tired.

Sakura Pencil Case

My friend ask me to custom made sakura pencil case for her as her pencil case few months back. I drag and drag until last week. She say do it when you are free. That's why it take ages to get finish.
Beside a pencil case. I think taking it out as a hand carry pouch will be also very beautiful.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flash animated cloud tag

Omg~~ this is so wonderful. I love this at my first sight.

Its on my first right column on top of the categories label. An animated cloud tag. Cool.

I still leave the old one there, incase your browse/computer doesn't support javascript and flash.
It is very easy to install. Check out this tutorial from Blogger Buster.

I am considering to change my blog to wordpress blog or not. Wordpress blog I have more control because it is in php rather then xml. But changing to wordpress meaning I need to buy domain name and hosting.... Should I change?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opening Now ~ Colors City Shop

I have open a brand new shop to sell my handmade items. Here is the link to the shop http://colorscityshop.blogspot.com/. Items will include: food jewelleries, pouch, zakka, accesories, bags (coming soon) ... etc. Maybe handmade card and handcarve stamps too. I will be adding new items in a regular basic. So remember to visit by my shop from time to time.
For this grand openning of my shop, I will be giving 10% off on the first 5 customers. So hurry up and visit Colors City Shop now~!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Metrojaya Cosmetics & Fragrances Sales

We knew this Metrojaya Cosmetics & Fragrances Sales last minute. It was 12 noon, so we headed to The Weld. It is just behind of my office. I didn't know that The Weld is actually a shopping centre. Saw more variety of food to eat during lunch time.

I was aiming for pink color blusher on the way to the sales. I did got my blusher. Plus several things more.

Nail Removal - RM2
Bloop Pink blusher - RM20
Bloop eye brown color -2 for RM9.90 (np: 1 for RM18).

Plus got this 2 fragrances (surprisingly I still can smell with my blocked nose~)

Issey Miyaki EDT limited edition reflections in a drop 50ml -RM100. Finally brought Issey Miyaki fragrance, I can remove it from my wish list~ horray! This is definately a hot item. The first time I reach around 12.15pm, it was about 3/4 box full of Issey fragrance. I was deciding to buy or not the first time. The second time I reach that counter(when I decide to buy), it is half box full only. The 3rd round I go to the counter, it only have 1/4 bottles left...

Marc Jacobs Blush intense EDP 50ml -RM5o. This is so cheap, I grab this without thinking twice. A friend gave me the miniture of this perfume some day ago. I love it but wasn't wanting to pay RM200 for this over the counter.

A new Palodroid software I found online - they finally release the Windows OS version. Before that was only for Mac. See the before picture (below) and after picture (above). Love the vintage looks of the pictures~~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine Dinner

TS come back early at valentine eve (he usually works very late, around 10-11pm). He suggest we go out for dinner. Here we are again at this Roadhouse Grill Restaurant at Jalan Ampang. We call this restoran “吃花生壳可以丢地板的餐厅, which means that you can throw the left over peanuts skins simply on the floor . The floor is really full of eatten peanuts.
I was having mild sore throat, but TS insist and tried hard to pursue me to order this T-bone steak. When it came, I was so shock to see the portion - it so huge. I choose medium well for the steak with BBQ sauce. It taste so good on the first bite on the left side of the bone. After finishing the left side, when I started the right side, it doesn't really taste that good. Not sure why 2 sides of meat taste so different.
TS ordered chicken chop. Taste so so only.

It was quite a satisfacting meal. But the more surprising part is TS gave me a box of chocolate. Which I didn't really expect anything present from him. As I'm still sick until today. I haven't open the box of chocolate and tried it. Will post those pictures later when I am able to eat those chocolates.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thinking of You

A card that I made last week for a friend at Penang.

Actually I promise to send her my handmade slice cake earings as a birthday gift. She came to visit me on her birthday during chinese new year, and I was bad that I forgotten about it until her boyfriend told me about it. Bad of me.

Thats why I decided to made another card for her. She loves design and craft things like these too. Just that she is to busy with her work and business.
I made this card from another handcarve girl stamps from Ivy - I just love her stamps. The background of the card is actually from a gift paper that I brought it someday ago. Added some lace, ribbon, rick rac, flowers, geams. I later added the red butterfly between and butterfly background and it looks cute. Not that empty I think.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thean Hou Temple

Sorry I didn't post that often last week. Was sick sick sick for the past 2 weeks. Started with stomach discomfort and now I'm getting this sore throat and flu.

Here are some pictures I took at the 14th day of Chinese New Year.

This year I didn't went to Kek Lok Si at Penang, but TS was so kind that he bring me to Thean Hou Temple at KL.

The queue towards the temple was so long. Traffic was very bad. It was jamming from the hillside. There is a place where the roads up to the hill is around 45 degrees slanting up. And it is a huge jam on that road.

TS drove and park somewhere middle of the hill. We park our car beside the road side and walk up. So of them even park their car down the hill and climb up.
Here is the entrance of the temple. Beautiful lighting. Click to enlarge picture.

Really "People moutain people sea" (人山人海). It was so crowd.

12 chinese zodiac sign of animals in front of the temple. They were made from colorful lanterns.
Mine chinese zodiac - Cute Roster

There is another huge lantern with a cow on the top tip of the lantern. Decorated with the rest of 12 chinese zodiac and lovely lotus flower.
On top of the temple, where they put the god statue was decorated with thousand of red lanterns.
See how many peoples are there below these beautiful lanterns

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood made from felt which I completed before Chinese New Year... I haven't sew the wolf yet~~

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Florish Pouch

It's a brand new year. Here is some of my new things that I made. Finally decided to sew after seing so much beautiful pictures and tutorials. This is my 2nd creation of the year. A florish dark green pouch which is about 20cm long.
Gosh~~ I just love the lacely trims mix match with the flora fabrics..

Added a button decorations with a tiny dragronfly charm~~ cute I guess.

More detail snap shots of the pouch. I use blue polka dots for linning and I tried to handsew them. It takes almost 3 nights to finish this pouch. I am so slow in handsew things.

Actually I made this half way last year, but seens I'm sewing the above pouch, might wise I finish this off too.
Pink flowers mix with polka dots fabrics plus some lovely lace trim just makes this handphone pouch so irresistable. Just that the 2 buttons beside looks like a headset for the pouch~~ Haha

Friday, February 06, 2009

Lunch at Palate Palette

After changing office location, it is quite hard to find sandwich shops near by. We notice one restoran beside the yoga shop and yesterday me and my colleague walk in for a try.

To my surprise, the shop was full of decorations of drawing. Which I love so much. The menu is written on the mirrors with colorful pens. There is bar area and I think at night it is pack with people on the bar area.

See the beautiful drawing on top of the walls. Looks so cool if I have these drawing's on my room. It was at early 12 noon where there is only us at the restoran, guest they will be more people stopping by later. I can see most of their decorations are more toward DIY. Even their chairs and table are different shape and size. Seems like their are getting them from those garrage sales... But overall the enviroment was good. We order sandwich and it turn's out to be a quite big portion. I order steak beef sandwich and it taste good. A sandwich plate an a ice-lemon tea set lunch is RM15++.
Looking forward to come again next time....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 @ KL

Some lovely pictures I would like to share around which I took before Chinese New Year at Kuala Lumpur.

Aloha decorations for Chinese New Year. Those "Choy San Ye" aka God of Prosperity looks so fat and so cute~~ I remember the last hallowen decorations was allsome too.

Decorations at The Curve. It was quite a disappoitment to me as the decorations seems like too simple. The Curve always makes me shock on the beautiful decorations for festivals.

Some nice shoot of me with hell boy~~

I found Kung Fu Panda too....He is just too cute
Some Lion Dance show at Cineleisure near the curve. I enjoy this lion dance as they have added more small naughty act and some expression such as shivering if they are going to preform a hard task.... It is kinda different compare to those lion dance which I watch at my hometown.

I was so lazy that I hard take any pictures at Penang. So that's all for my chinese new year picture of the year.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chinse New Year 2009 at Penang

Happy Chinese New Year 2009 to all my friends.

Been missing almost one week. Not reading blogs nor updating my blog. Relaxing the holidays break for CNY was extreemly joyful and happy.

Was just lying at my home sofa, watch movies, playing with my 2 poodles with their new toys. Enjoying CNY cookies, drinks.... did I gain weight this time?

This is the first year we went to your uncle's house to have reunion dinner. For all the past years, my uncle and his family will visit us for reunion dinner.

The first 2 days was just visiting relatives. I have to avoid myself on this questions "When are you going to get married?". "When are you going to have babies?"... Aiyo~~ I don't really know how to answer....

The 3rd day we went to visit our babysister. She take care 4 of our brothers sisters for a reasonable price when we are young. We visit them every year. This year was a good surprise year that we meet her eldest son which I never meet him after he went to New Zealand for studies when I was 7 years old. Me and my family have a good chat with him, his mum (our babysister) and dad too.

The following days was just wondering at home, either go shopping with my sisters. Was really so lazy to go out to visit friends, but my this good friend - Sze Ling and her bf come to visit me on her birthday. So touch~!. Beside that I manage to hook up with 5 of my best friends at high school before coming back to KL tomorow.

My mum organise a dinner steamboat for her friends at friday night and we have a good meal. Her friend makes good tomyam soup. Everyone was having a great time. There is so much to eat (my mum over prepare) and we have to eat those left overs foods for few days consecutive.

My sister brought abalone this year and it was the first year our family enjoy abalone at home. There are quite expensive. 1 tin was SGD40++. But it taste quite good just on steaming it with hot water for few minutes. It taste fresh and good.

Will enjoy the rest of the day and it a brand new year to go.


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