Saturday, June 30, 2007

fork n spoon

Brought this at Isten KLCC. Its 18/10 standard steel. Which I think it can last longer. The metal is harded then normal fork and spoon that I brought for RM1. These are 50% discount. So one spoon is RM3.50 which is quite ok for a standard steel product. My spoon rust already. Need to change new one. Added a new tea spoon to make drinks instate using the big table spoon.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday card ~

Handmade this birthday card long long time ago. One day I was just wanted to do cards, but ended up purchasing soft color cards instate of hard color cards. So I think that if the paper is smaller, you will not notice the soft card.

Its a birthday card I spend almost 1 hour in it. It is made out of different ribbons andcard board ... etc. I cut the card board shape to form the gift box. Then wrap the purple special ribbon at it. The ribbon on the gift box and the background are recycle ribbon's from those bouque of flowers. I like to keep those stuff so that i can reuse it in my small small craft.

I gave this to Hoo at his 32 birthday :) Hope he didn't throw it!


最近决定不要再买杂志了,我家的杂志多到太多了。时装杂志会很快过时的。除非是那些美容,或者是手工杂志 ~ 但最好是不要买啦~ 一本杂志价钱从RM7-RM50。尤其是那些日本进口的杂志。价钱可吓死人。

有好多不同的杂志,比如我常常看的with, minna,都有得下载,不会很明,但不用钱买咯~~。 还有VIVI, <<女人我最大>>, 瑞丽,ELLE, MISS , MILK... 但日本杂志是日文,没中文的版本。:(

我下载七月的VIVI日本杂志, 好大本,总共400多页,难怪kinokuniya卖rm39.00. 太多东西看了。


以后不用买杂志咯~ 每次看完后,都不懂要往哪里放!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


爱上网购, 尤其是online window shopping。
好羡慕台湾的人,又可以有美美,便宜的衣服。但如果从台湾邮定回马来西亚,又要加RM15(PAYPAL手续费+台湾运来的运费)+RM8(本地邮费), 加到来,都很贵。



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Edited Picture

I have post this edited jagoya picture at my friendster account. :) There are so many picture I posted on my blog, but not wasting my friendster storage on all the photos. I used photoshop to edit all those picture and put them under one picture~

Looking back to those picture makes me hungry~

Salad Lunch

My salad lunch during afternoon. Too full after the starbucks mango juice. Wondering at KLCC, don't know what to eat. I like Isetan salad as I can select any salad I like from there. There have almost 6 different choice. Rather then eating one type of salad which is quite boring. Here are 3 different types of salad in 1 pack.
1. Carbstick with cucumber and carrot salad (bottom right)
2. Japanese Mushroom Salad (top left)
3. Fruit Salad (middle bottom) - Today I was lucky, I got 2 strawberry inside, but its a sour strawberry.

The salad there is calculate by weight for the price. I guess the Fruit salad put up alot of weight to the salad, but the fruit salad taste the best.

Starbucks Drink

Today boss treat the whole company Starbucks. Too bad I have my breakfast - Positrium (Chocolate) with Milk, dare not order any coffee drink is they are fattening and filling. Ended up ordering ais blended mango. Yummy~ But compare to San Francisco, I like the mango juice at San Francisco.

From the day I start working here, once a while boss or my manager will treat us either San Franciso Coffeee or Starbucks Coffee. Until now I have drink more then 10, I guess. Everytime Latte, cappuccino, iced blended mango because don't know what other choices left. Need to check on the menu first before next ordering ~

Iced Blended Mango ~

Ikea set to open store at Penang

Horray~~ Ikea is planning to open shop at Penang and other location at KL.
As TS always say I have 虚荣心, tend to buy Ikea stuff rather then other shops that are nearer and cheaper. But I just like Ikea.

I like their small small add-on things in the house rather then those big big furniture. Small small things to add spark on a house. I like the small colorful chair stool thats for kids. Colorfull and lovely. As per my blog, I like things that have colors, that why I enjoy window shopping at IKEA. The best IKEA is open just beside KLCC. So I have everytime go there for window shopping.... Wahahahah

Article from shoppingNsales

moving toward Ecommerce world

My E-Commerce Blog - this blog describe alot of ecommerce site that are availble in the market. Even Durian can pay by credit card nowadays, not bad. When Malaysia will be cashless at the market and all use card - credit card, debit card ... etc to buy things? This will be good as it will lower down the rate of rompak case. Rompak also no use, all card, no cash.... Hahaha

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crafts 26/6/06

Daily reads again~

This pin are very nice, easy to make and simple and stylish. Here is the tutorial at Angry Chickhen Blog.

There are some very cute new travel buddies and make-up cases by luii all the way from down undah, now in the shoppe!Lu_travelbuddy_redmushLu_travelbuddy_hedgehog Lu_blackwhitecaseLu_ladybugcase

Pen drive vs External hard disk

I'm still considering on buying a 2GB Pen drive or an external hard disk. The 2GB Pen drive is RM60++ and and external hardisk of 80GB is RM180. Nowadays, seems that 2GB storage is not enought as nowadays we can get movies, drama from the internet. One episode will be like 700MB++, which a CD is unable to store it too. So thats why we start to have DVD's that are 4.7GB.

Types of storage:

5.25-inch floppy - Used during Primary 5-6, Secondary school Form 1-2
Computer is very new in the market. At that time, we are using this only - big, flat, thin disk which is easy get bend.

3-inch compact floppy disk- Used during Secondary school Form 3-5, Collage Year 1 and 2
We always use this to do our programming work for assignments. To copy Word documents from friends PC to my PC, all using this disk.

Compat Disk (CD) - Used during Collage until now
For bigger files, we start to burn them into CD's. Html assignments that got alot of images file, we starting to burn files onto CDs. Buring movie, concert, drama into CD for personal use. Start backuping files on CD. Start buring digital images on CD.

Pendrive - Used during Year 4 Colleage until now
Starting to gain popularity during our last year in Collage. But that time, storage is very little. A friend brought a 128MB Pendrive for RM160 for 5 years warrenty. Now all pendrive almost have 5 years warrenty for FREE. And the minimum storage people will buy will be starting from 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB. Remember last time I have a FREE 64MB pen drive which can only storage 5-6 songs. Haha~

DVD - Used during working
Movies, animation are download from the internet. One movie usually takes up 700MB++, which we cannot store at a CD. No choice to buy DVD to burn those nice movie for storage. But 4 years back, when starting to have DVD, one of my anime friend start to buy DVD to burn all his anime, he say save space. Really save up alot space. One HK movie of 30 episode can be storage at 4 DVD, rather then 30 CD's.

External Hard disk - Haven't use before
Pendrive seems not enough for me nowadays, movie stand up alot of space. Nowadays student in collages used either Pendrive or external hardisk. I can't see anyone using that 3-inch compact floppy disk any more. I guess its out dated.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Crafts 25/6/06

Cutie baby shoes at,Dem Booties, and Bitty Booties

Pin cuishon which is cute cute cute.....

Daily walk

Everyday I will walk thru the park to the LRT station after work if it is not rainning.
Snap a picture of the fountain today as I saw all the fountain is working today. Usually they will open only one part of the foutain, not all.

Seens I have open my camera, might wise snap a picture of Suria KLCC. Working there for almost 3 years, but haven't snap a picture of this wonderfull building before. Malaysia most proud building! Paiseh ~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

International Beauty Expo 2007 (IBE)

I went to this expo - International Beauty Expo 2007 (IBE) on last friday.

Alot things to see, look and try. From beauty, skin care, comestic, spa, slimming, nails, body arts, hair.

I manage to try on the body art for free. Very nice and easy to draw. But quite icthy after washing them out with water. The course is about RM1500 but the tools are only RM200++. I want to learn. But not to invest the money for this 1st.

A friend told me that body art or nail art is not suitable for business function or if you are doing a multinational business. Putting nail art is a seens of low self-esteem. If you are sharing a business, people sometime will more focus on your nails rather then your business. But I like those art art stuff. What I think is nail art and body art are more suitable for dinner, wedding, grand ball. Learn it up is also a skill.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Wanted to buy this - MNG Betty Boops T-shirt (RM30 after discount) yesterday, but think think where on earth I got the chance to wear this to office. Plus I have a lot of T-shirts already. But this T-shirt quality is GOOD and stetchable. Very nice. But I guess need to control my spending on cloths....need to save

People seems to buy alot. I know its sales, but still need money to buy ar....

Manage to snap 2 picture on the fitting room.... HAHA.

I like the pattern for pink color more, but no size~~~ The 2 above is M size. Not that fitting.



职校生彩绘布鞋 订单接不完

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kimono 日本浴衣

I always wanted a Kimono for myself. Looks nice and elegant, but where on earth we are going to wear this on a hot wheater at Malaysia??? But selling at here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Genuine Software

My office is busy preparing software licence for each PC after the last spot check by Malaysia goverment. All PC need to have Genuine Software as per Malaysian Law. This makes us IT people very busy uninstall all staff unlicence software from their PC. Including those FREE for personal use only software are removed also - including Ad-Aware 2007 Free, AVG Anti-Virus Free .. etc.

Now I have to proof every single software that I install on my PC is Licence or FREE for Business Use. Now I currently know that CoreFTP Lite is Free for Business and Commercial Use. Others software I'm still searching, eg: WEb CEO, Apache, Mysql.... etc.

I didn't know until I search for the software price at Original Software are super expensive. Can't imagine it. Thats why pirated software sells hot at market.

Windows XP Pro - RM 470
Photoshop CS2 - RM 2560
Dreamweaver 8 - RM 1480
Microsoft Small Business Edition 2003 - RM 835
Total= RM5345 -Super Expensive!!!!!
[Price as per 19/Jun/2007 from]

Normal Staff only need RM1305 for Genuine softwares,but compare to us, programmers and designers...4 times the price.

Just to have a programmer in a company, a company need to spend RM5000++ on just Genuine softwares.... High Cost. Actually Dreamweaver and Photoshop cost the most. As they reach thousands...

My office Designer get the Adobe Creative Suite(including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and others) which cost RM5500++

There is another programmer in my office. He requested Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator. Illustrator was beening rejected. Haha ~~ over cost I guess.

Kjoo ~ Funky n special accesories

About Kjoo
A handmade accessories line out of Portugal that's colorful and bright and stylish and totally unique! They combine handmade felt and crochet-every creation is one of a kind.

This is a bracelet in hand made felt,combining with free-form crochet. ~ Special.

Love this the most, love the colors ~ This is a long necklace made with felt and crochet,the felt part is made of pure merino wool so is really soft.

Dunno what is that, but the author claims that its a necklace or a bracelet

Fabric Button Tutorials

Kinda popular these days for fabric button is all around town, I have one of these button earings from my sister as she brought one more extra. We kinda exchange our accesories sometimes. More towards giving ~

Little thing by magda k - Fabric Covered Button tutorial which I think its very easy to made.

How about orange - Tutorial in how to create a fabric tumb tacks.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Formatted PC

My PC at office was formatted yesterday. Poor thing, now empty like hell~~ Plus I forgotten to back up my FEEDS..... :( cry cry, all of them are gone. Thank god I have some good ones on my blogs LHS menu. Still getting some back.

Need to reinstall all those software.... lazy. Updates for IE and windows media player ~~

Friday, June 15, 2007

Kinokuniya KLCC

my favorite place to hang out at KLCC. Kinokuniya Japanese at Istan KLCC. Japanese Book Store when I don't know a single japanese word can visit a japanese book store. I like this place as there is alot alot of imported japanese craft books here. Which I can't find anywhere else in KL. But the price is ::shocking:: ~ super expensive. One craft book cheapest is RM40++... Usually will stand there and get some ideas ~~

Here is a quick look on the craft books, there is 2 shelf of craft books, which is ALOT.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Waffle and Raspberry Ice-Cream Plushie

This looks cute, wanted to eat them. Wish I could have ideas to made one myself. Sometimes i'm very lazy to craft too. Product from vonvonz


soxtoy袜子娃娃的网站有可爱的娃娃。 我也是买了《哇哩咧 ~ 我是襪子娃娃!》书才开始学做的。

人家的小精灵多么可爱,我的呢?哈哈!新手嘛~~ 看看我的小精灵,也不差吗。


Fortune Cookie Charm and Zip pouch

Fortune Cookie Charm which is so cute~~ Looks saw the author use as a pendant.

Cherry Zip pouch - which i always wanted to do, but always do until very ugly when inserting the ZIP part.

CSS borders

My collegue found this site - using CSS to do a box borders.
Usually we use image to control box borders. Now CSS able to do the job. Which is cool~~

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wanting $$ ~ cheating

Today an old lady come and ask for RM2. As per she say, she is from XXX Rumah Orang Tua. She need RM2 to take bus back to the Rumah Tua. I directly ignore her as I walked away. Before this, I saw her asking the security guard at Public bank. Not sure that the bank person got give her RM2. Nowadays alot people like that on the street. Must becareful. Last week I went to lunch also, got a men asking money like that.

Craft webpages and forum

Recently have sucessfully search several useful craft website and forum. Somemore some got alot of free craft ebook - taiwan, english, and japanese. This is so wonderfull. So glad that I found it, save up alot of $$ in buying those expensive japanese craft books.

Here are the forum list:
1. D-XITE.COM - DESIGN中文论坛 -Malaysian Chinese design forum
2. 手工爱好者 - Huge resources of English, Japanese, Chinese Craft books, but so hard to get those points to download more.
3. 清缘坊手工论坛 - Chinese base craft forum
4. 手工制作综合论坛:生活文化馆BBS:-论坛首页
5. 天工论坛 - lots of ebooks to download

Craft tutorial
1. 手工教程 - step by step on learning simple crafts. Various type crafts. Even step by step for basic techiques
2. Beads-i- Korea beads tutorial
3. Gaberibbon - Korean ribbon making hair accesories

Craft books photo gallery - request to swap for ebook (交换电子手工书)
1. pp [hades26] 的相册
2. 奇凡 [nana2780] 的相册
3. 男男 [ynabbliuyn] 的相册
4. 我的杂物屋 [lqlhjgch] 的相册 - 生活纸花DIY ,非常卡片DIY ,心情卡片DIY [added 13/6/07]

Most of them are in China, Taiwan base. You can get alot of ebooks from some of these sites. I have downloaded some. Plan to put up mine so that I can get more books for free, but I don't have a scanner to scan them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007



Monday, June 11, 2007

My new bed~Horray

Finally, for 3 years sleeping my in a old, torn single bed. I finally brought a new mattress and an Bed Frame. The Bed Frame I didn't expect it cost so much. I thought a Queen size bed frame should cost RM100++. We saw at Carefour that a metal Bed Frame the cheapest is RM99. But I don't like the design and ended up it after promotion, it rise the price to RM299. Imagine Carefore earning RMM200 extra after the promtion. Guess that's why consumer's always are those that won't be rich and Carefour Boss will be dam rich. After finding and finding, ended up I brought an Ikea Wooden Bed Frame for RM199. Thanks to TS as the process of bulding up the bed frame is a huge and complicated work. See here is our new bed frame which is assemble finish~ finally.

Here is our Dreamland Chiromax Professional Mattress(Queen). Such a long name. It cost us about RM1K++. But it's worth the money as we that month, we have free gifts to grab - a set of Novelle Bedset cover and comforter set for the queen size mattress. Eh.... that free gift will cost RM500 if you buy a new one outside.

Its good to protect our spinal cord as it have Backcare Doctors Research. It say it also have Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Fungi, Anti-Dustmites Fabric - which is very suitable for sensative skin people and asthma people. High-resilience foam to enhance comfort and increase durability.A layer of rubberised and needle-punched pad to protect against damage and migration into the spring, with porous natural properties for excellent ventilation.Miracoil Spring System uses high tensile steel, fine wire technology.Border wire with crown clip reinforces the edge.

The best is it have 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Its worth the money to have so much advantages where a mattress people don't simply change. Can use for 20 years or more....:) Here is the mattress... Big~~ TS is cutting the mattress cover

daily blog 11/06/07

1. Eiffel tower keychain/ handphone accesories 鐵塔手機吊飾

So cute, eiffel tower keychain/ handphone accesories. Imagine hand sew stitch by stitch onto the cloths, that must have to be so much patient. Which I'm not good at. I love to look on to her blogs~ Nice creation

2. chetanddot sewing
Pink Woolen Sleepy Bunny Rabbit ~ cutie

Lucky Clover Linen and Wool Sewing Set

Wooly Bun Bun

Tea Time Pin Cushion

Abit japanese creation~ love it

Sunday, June 10, 2007

crafts shop

One of my hobby, my dream, my life~~ Always wanted to go into art/craft industry. But alot people say will die in this creative world because of money and time. Next time I will have this kinda of shop/ place for me n myself without worrying of money and time. Just get excited when seeing this kinda shops, I can still find this kinda stores at The curve (The walk), but lesser crafts compare to Japan and Taiwan. Here are some picture I took from a site called -JuJu Ama 啾啾阿嬤. Blog here.

Another dream is to go and live at Japan/Taiwan to go into crafts ~~

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dentist appointment

Dentist the the scariest thing on the earth - pain and expensive. Remembering those days when I was young, my parents use to sent me to this dentist place that is for goverment servants. Althought its free, but still scary, but after they do your teeth, they will let you select a toy infront of you- which is the most happiest part. My last dentist visit was in high school, where I have 9 holes that was repaired. Shocking right. Eat too much sweet I guess.

This time, my teeth is quite serious one. Before Chinese New Year, 1/4 of the teeth chip out when I was having my lunch. Ended up a dentist at Jalan Genting Klang give me 2 choice
1.Pull out that teeth ~ RM50 Root Canal Treatment that is about RM600.
I wouldn't want to pull out that teeth, because its a permanant teeth and its my 1st big teeth starting from the front. Plus if I pull that teeth, next time my teeth will become loose then before.

Wah~ what a huge amount if I do the special treatment. Just because I didn't go and repair a hole (which is long long time there). I need to pay so much? Plus the doctors attitude I don't like.Plus charging me so expensive (My friend only did for RM400- same treatment) So I decided to find other alternatives.

Asked my friends around KL, non have good recommendation of dentist near my area. All of them say it should be around that price.

Asked back at Penang, the price was much more lower. I can get a treatment for RM400 and above. But it requires not only 1 treatment, but may be 2-3 treatment. So this choice is out.
I search online for dentist, but those dentist that can have an online site are mostly well know dentist which have high charging fee. I email several clinics and mostly they say is around RM600-RM1000. That time I just realise that this is KL price.

Search again and again until I found alvinb blog where he mention on his blog that the dentist he when is quite reasonable price plus good service. And guess what, its quite near my house. So decided to go there for a try. Drag again, as its my attitude, until one time my gums around that tooth starting to becoming pain. Everytime I bite anything with this tooth, there is a major pain on it. TS even "add salt add vinegar", saying that tooth cannot be repair any more, too big hole, need to pull out.... etc.

Call up that clinic and check the price, it requires also RM400 -RM600 depanding on the teeth condition for the root canal treatment.

When to the clinic past 2 saturday. The nurse inform me to be early as Saturday morning is first come first serve, and they only accept 15 people only. I reach at around 9.30am (clinic open at 9am), and I saw kooi sim with his gf and his gf brother there. I didn't know kooi sim knew this place. Should early early ask everyone around me for dentist around KL.

Was nerves, as usual, waiting long time until 11am, its my turn. When he check my teeth, I got another alternative, which no other doctors give me this alternative:-1. Put dressing medicine on to my teeth, let it stay for 2 weeks. If no pain, can do repair. If pain, need to do the 2nd treatment.2. More advance treatment compare to root canal treatment. Cost - RM300. Which is cheaper then root canal treatment. ORRoot canal treatment that will cost RM6003. Worst case - pull out the teeth.

I have another 3 holes to repair, and I ask him to do it all too.

The process of the applying of dressing is abit painful. He apply one type of medicine on my teeth covering up the hole. And the medicine is very smelly.

Total treatment is RM165. 3 small holes and 1 big hole.

2nd visit to the clinic is today. I reach at 9am, but still need to wait until 11am. Next time must go thru appoitment(Monday-Friday can booked for appoitments).

He repair my teeth by filling up the hole. With a special white filling. Just abit of tiny pain. And the doctor will always asking you, do u feel pain or not. Total fee is RM50. He advise that, I can't use this teeth to eat hard food- such as peanuts, carbs... etc. the other part will crack and at that time their need to pull out my teeth. If this hole you won't feel pain after 3-4 months, you can come back to do a crowning which enable me to eat back hard food at this site. Cool~~

Ended up I no need to do Root Canal Treatment. And I do need to pay much money for the dentist fee. Highly recommend this dentist.

Kumpulan Klinik Pergigian Semarak
No. 31-1, Jalan 46A/26,
Rampai Town Centre,
53300 Setapak KL
Tel:03-4142 4818
(Same row as per CIMB Bank)

Thursday, June 07, 2007


下午下了一场大雨,这是我在我家外的露停拍的,象世界末日. 乌云要盖过klcc了.救命啊!!


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