Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners 2008

Finally I have some time to write down bit and bits of my Chinese New Year celebration. Don't know next year will I have a chance to have reunion dinner with my family or I need to celebrate with my bf family :(

Why I called them Dinners? because there are not only 1 dinner, but more then that.

First is my family dinner. Where we have that it at the Chinese New YEar eve. All these years, we will invite my uncle (my dad's younger brother) to join us for renunion dinner as they are only 3 members of them at their family. It will be lonely for them. For us, we are OK, because my parents have 4 of us. So total of people we have = 9.

Its as usual, steambot dinner. With things that we love, like sea cucumber, squids, bird eggs...

The fun part is when the steamboat cover open, all of us will rush and fight to find those small food that we want. Its fun, althought I know we are not at the age of a small kids.

WE have to tie our dogs away as they are begging for food as they see so many of us enjoying the meal

The 2nd reunion dinner was my mums Jit Sin High School Reunion Dinner. Her batch of students were great, after gratuation for 30 years, they still have this Reunion Dinner for that year. It was always the 1st day of CNY as adults mostly are very busy and the only day they will be at home is the 1st day. We been following my mum to her reunion dinner several times. She was very proud of this reunion thing.

It was just a Buffet dinner but it was quite a good one. Compared to the last year dinner at the hotel. I over told the dishes and I felt way too full for me.

There were lucky draw, entertainments, group dance for those auntie and uncles. But quite boring for us. We even get ang pow from this Lady which is the chairman wife of the alummi. I think I'm the oldest to get ang pow. We chinese will still get angpow in any age if you are not married.

The 3rd reunion dinner was we went to my Dad's friend new year gathering at an apartment at gurney. I heard he was an Dato and he was an old friend of my Dad. I was wanted to visit his house, but no opportunity. I heard it was a penhouse at the appartment with 2 stores and personal swiming pool. Cool~~ The house I think will cause millons as it is a strategic place on gurney.

Food was so-so, no much choice. Its kinda boring, there is a karaoke section for any one that want to sing. Maybe all people is shy, ended up the host and his son sang the most. My dad and my brother manage to sing there too. Jay Chow with Fei Yu Qing 千里之外, don't see my dad like an old man, he even and sing the rap part of Jay chows.

Its good for those parents that can still keep contact with their old friends and schoolmates. Rather then 2 old person at home nothing to do. We, the younger generation, I didn't even attend one of our schools or collages reunion dinner or gathering.

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