Thursday, February 21, 2008

HK Wong Kok Kitchen - Worst

HK Wong Kok Kitchen at Queensbay mall is the worst Hong Kong Tea Restarant that I ever had. We 13 people - my family and my 6th aunty family and grandma went there for lunch. There is no table for 13 of us, so we have seperate into 2 tables. One is Parents table and another is Youngster table.

All I enjoy is the gathering among relatives for that lunch. My younger brother have to eat 4 remainding dishes as we girls and mum couldn't finish those dish. Poor guy.

The normal food is still ok, but the choice is really less. When I went in, most of us mistaken it was the Wong Kok that we have at Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur Wong Kok have alot kinds of food and drinks and if your birthday gal or guy, you will get 1 free GIANT Milk Tea. But this was not the one that I mention. How can it be the same name?? Very misleading the public.

I was very unsatisfy with the food there. Especially the small dishes. Everytime I visit Hong Kong Tea Restrant, I sure will order my favorite Fried dumpling and TS will always order fried chickhen wings. But I'm totally not satisfy with this.

The left is what they put on the catalog and the right hand side is the one I get. The dumpling become way too small, and RM6.00 for 4 small dumpling is way too expensive compare to KL. I get more then 4 fried dumpling here in KL. And the dumpling is not nice at all, very hard, no much filling inside.

The worst was the fried chickhen wings. At kl, almost all Hong Kong Restarant will serve the whole chickhen wing which consist of 3 parts. I didn't even notice the catalog this serve only 2 parts. And you can see what it came. 1 and a half chickhen wings left. And this is the part that I won't eat and there is less meat to eat. This is too much

I will never go there to eat anymore.


Katie said...

It's cool to get a look inside "real life" in a place so far away from me.

I love your review. The food does sound crummy. Happy Birthday!!!

Your my swapbot pal. I'm linking you to my blog!

Katie said...

OOps maybe I didn't understand- iss it your birthday? I got confused by the milk tea (which I love, yum!)

Ciyou said...

The Free milk Tea is another shop with the same shop name as this.

Penang and Kuala Lumpur is 2 different city, I use to go to the Wong Kok Restarant at Kuala Lumpur and I thought the Penang Wong Kok Restaurant was a branch of the Kuala Lumpur one. Now I notice that it is not

wcheryl said...

U know what? The logo looks quite the same as well :P But I know the one in QBM is not the same one I had in KL.. Anyway, one is Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, one is Wong Kok Kitchen :P


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