Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rootote Bags

I was surfing online and I found one of these bags, there are lovely, cute and adorable. Different design compare what we can find in Malaysia. There are call the Rootote bags. It is very popular in Taiwan and Japan nowadays. It is famous for its ROO-shopper from eco-friendly tote bag, but I personally don't think its that nice, but I do find this bag quite nice.

Brief Description on Rootote bags:

This shoulder tote bag has a side pocket (called "ROO POCKET"), you do not have
to open and close the bag every time you take something out. It is good for
small things like wallets, pass-cases and mobile phones.

1 We call it "ROO POCKET" because it is capable to keep a lot more than it looks just like a kangaroo's pouch. There is a ROO POCKET(with a zipper) on the side in which you can put small articles such as a wallet and tissue papers which are likely to be buried underneath in a bag and from which you can take them out easily.
2 When you open the bag, you'll see three pockets right away. If you put a wallet, a cell phone or a commuter ticket inside which you'll take in and out often, you can take them out easily without going through all articles inside.
3 Not to mention magazines and files, it's containable also for dictionaries and plastic bottles since it has a wide gore.

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The bag itself and postage cause around RM50. The seller say direct import from Japan. But it only 1050 Yen (RM30++), but I heard my friend saying that if send from Japan to Malaysia quite expensive.

To buy or not to buy? RM50 for a tote bag. Kinda expensive. But the I love the poodle dog bag alot. But will it be too childish to take it out? Although the frog one seems cute, but I don't think its way suitable for me. When can I use it? What you all think?


onebowl said...

i like the froggy one better! cute!

val said...

I agree, love the froggie!

Ciyou said...

but will the froggie too cute to take to office and work?

Orange said...

Hi, I saw your blog when i'm searching for Rootote @ google. ^^ I'm from Malaysia too! Can i know how did you order the bags from the website coz the website is Jap and i cant understand Jap language. Can i pay them by Paypal??

Ciyou said...

I brought it from a local forum seller. Here albums is:


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