Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bukit Genting Hill, Penang

Bukit Genting Hill is a hill at Penang, not at Genting Highlands on Kuala Lumpur. This is the 2nd time I visit there. This was before Chinese New Year. My dad would like to take my brother to this place. To see sunset. This place is located at a road between Teluk Kumbar and Balik Pulau (take a left turn when you see huge water storage tank)

Its kinda a recreation place to let people relax and have Thai Food. As it was on top of a small hill, there are cool wind blowing on us. In front of the restoran, there are tons of picture in the message board indicating there are customers from all over the world had come to visit them. There even have handmade tins on decoration beside the message board. The best thing that price wouldn't increase at Chinese New Year. Because usually will increase dramatically during Chinese New Year.

1. Entrance: Open Daily
2. Brother at the "Gong Xi Fa Cai" banner
3. Message board of picture
4. Decoration made from can tin

The view from the restoran - Balik Pulau and the sea, I heard the sea there very clean as there as less access to that part. I live at Penang so long, but didn't went there before.

1,2,4. Garden View
3. Place to sit

Decoration on the hill side, took the photo from the place that people have dinner. It is very pretty at night when they open the lights.

The thai food here are delicous. RM150 for 7 dishes + desert + drinks. Price reasonable.

1. Fried Vegetable (Kangkung)
2. Otak otak
3. Green Curry - spicy
4. Panda Chickhen
5. Mango Kerabu
6. Tom Yam Seafood - very sour and spicy
7. Dessert
8. Spicy fish

I highly recommended, must make sure that your car to powerfull to get on top of the hill. the roads are somehow like Genting Roads, yet smaller and narrower.

We manage to snap some family pictures from it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lush Bubble Bath

My brother which is currently stay in Canada came back for Chinese New Year. It's been 2-3 years that we didn't meet. He was fairer then last time. Even fairer then me. But nothing much change on his apperance. Still as good looking as before.

He brought us, 2 sisters present from Canada, bubble baths from Canada. Mine is pink (how he know's I love pink) and my sister is blue. The pink smell good, but sometimes too strong until my whole room are full of cherry smells.

We don't have bath tub at home, nor at my KL house. All I can do it to dissolve it in to water and just take a bath. Even that it will leave my skin soft and smooth. I could foresee if really we put ourself on bubble bath, its will be sure relaxing and I will be smelling like cherry and have smooth skin later.

Due to it is natural products, it will be expiring end of this year. Hope I could find a bath tub soon as some are bubble bomb, I can't cut them into pieces.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

HK Wong Kok Kitchen - Worst

HK Wong Kok Kitchen at Queensbay mall is the worst Hong Kong Tea Restarant that I ever had. We 13 people - my family and my 6th aunty family and grandma went there for lunch. There is no table for 13 of us, so we have seperate into 2 tables. One is Parents table and another is Youngster table.

All I enjoy is the gathering among relatives for that lunch. My younger brother have to eat 4 remainding dishes as we girls and mum couldn't finish those dish. Poor guy.

The normal food is still ok, but the choice is really less. When I went in, most of us mistaken it was the Wong Kok that we have at Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur Wong Kok have alot kinds of food and drinks and if your birthday gal or guy, you will get 1 free GIANT Milk Tea. But this was not the one that I mention. How can it be the same name?? Very misleading the public.

I was very unsatisfy with the food there. Especially the small dishes. Everytime I visit Hong Kong Tea Restrant, I sure will order my favorite Fried dumpling and TS will always order fried chickhen wings. But I'm totally not satisfy with this.

The left is what they put on the catalog and the right hand side is the one I get. The dumpling become way too small, and RM6.00 for 4 small dumpling is way too expensive compare to KL. I get more then 4 fried dumpling here in KL. And the dumpling is not nice at all, very hard, no much filling inside.

The worst was the fried chickhen wings. At kl, almost all Hong Kong Restarant will serve the whole chickhen wing which consist of 3 parts. I didn't even notice the catalog this serve only 2 parts. And you can see what it came. 1 and a half chickhen wings left. And this is the part that I won't eat and there is less meat to eat. This is too much

I will never go there to eat anymore.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rootote Bags

I was surfing online and I found one of these bags, there are lovely, cute and adorable. Different design compare what we can find in Malaysia. There are call the Rootote bags. It is very popular in Taiwan and Japan nowadays. It is famous for its ROO-shopper from eco-friendly tote bag, but I personally don't think its that nice, but I do find this bag quite nice.

Brief Description on Rootote bags:

This shoulder tote bag has a side pocket (called "ROO POCKET"), you do not have
to open and close the bag every time you take something out. It is good for
small things like wallets, pass-cases and mobile phones.

1 We call it "ROO POCKET" because it is capable to keep a lot more than it looks just like a kangaroo's pouch. There is a ROO POCKET(with a zipper) on the side in which you can put small articles such as a wallet and tissue papers which are likely to be buried underneath in a bag and from which you can take them out easily.
2 When you open the bag, you'll see three pockets right away. If you put a wallet, a cell phone or a commuter ticket inside which you'll take in and out often, you can take them out easily without going through all articles inside.
3 Not to mention magazines and files, it's containable also for dictionaries and plastic bottles since it has a wide gore.

more bags >>

The bag itself and postage cause around RM50. The seller say direct import from Japan. But it only 1050 Yen (RM30++), but I heard my friend saying that if send from Japan to Malaysia quite expensive.

To buy or not to buy? RM50 for a tote bag. Kinda expensive. But the I love the poodle dog bag alot. But will it be too childish to take it out? Although the frog one seems cute, but I don't think its way suitable for me. When can I use it? What you all think?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Chinese new year we have our reunion dinner, what about our great grand ancestors? Do they celebrate Chinese New Year? Yes they do, at morning of the Chinese New Year eve. They have a lot of delicious vegetarian and fruits for servering.

After the prayer here, we need to head to pray my grandparents at Air Itam.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinners 2008

Finally I have some time to write down bit and bits of my Chinese New Year celebration. Don't know next year will I have a chance to have reunion dinner with my family or I need to celebrate with my bf family :(

Why I called them Dinners? because there are not only 1 dinner, but more then that.

First is my family dinner. Where we have that it at the Chinese New YEar eve. All these years, we will invite my uncle (my dad's younger brother) to join us for renunion dinner as they are only 3 members of them at their family. It will be lonely for them. For us, we are OK, because my parents have 4 of us. So total of people we have = 9.

Its as usual, steambot dinner. With things that we love, like sea cucumber, squids, bird eggs...

The fun part is when the steamboat cover open, all of us will rush and fight to find those small food that we want. Its fun, althought I know we are not at the age of a small kids.

WE have to tie our dogs away as they are begging for food as they see so many of us enjoying the meal

The 2nd reunion dinner was my mums Jit Sin High School Reunion Dinner. Her batch of students were great, after gratuation for 30 years, they still have this Reunion Dinner for that year. It was always the 1st day of CNY as adults mostly are very busy and the only day they will be at home is the 1st day. We been following my mum to her reunion dinner several times. She was very proud of this reunion thing.

It was just a Buffet dinner but it was quite a good one. Compared to the last year dinner at the hotel. I over told the dishes and I felt way too full for me.

There were lucky draw, entertainments, group dance for those auntie and uncles. But quite boring for us. We even get ang pow from this Lady which is the chairman wife of the alummi. I think I'm the oldest to get ang pow. We chinese will still get angpow in any age if you are not married.

The 3rd reunion dinner was we went to my Dad's friend new year gathering at an apartment at gurney. I heard he was an Dato and he was an old friend of my Dad. I was wanted to visit his house, but no opportunity. I heard it was a penhouse at the appartment with 2 stores and personal swiming pool. Cool~~ The house I think will cause millons as it is a strategic place on gurney.

Food was so-so, no much choice. Its kinda boring, there is a karaoke section for any one that want to sing. Maybe all people is shy, ended up the host and his son sang the most. My dad and my brother manage to sing there too. Jay Chow with Fei Yu Qing 千里之外, don't see my dad like an old man, he even and sing the rap part of Jay chows.

Its good for those parents that can still keep contact with their old friends and schoolmates. Rather then 2 old person at home nothing to do. We, the younger generation, I didn't even attend one of our schools or collages reunion dinner or gathering.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Chocolates for valentine?

During Valentines, everywhere is with flowers, chocolates and bears. Do u all girl out there love chocolates? I love them. Althought they are fattening, but I still like it. Currently I change my taste and I felt in love with dark chocolate/bitter chocolate. Its not sweet, so I won't eat the whole bar at 1 time.

But I love this GIANT chocolates at 1-Utama lately. They are prefect and allsome. Makes me wanna bite.

Friday, February 15, 2008


他已经说过情人节是不会回来和我过,但我却还是很期待他会突然间回来给我惊喜,可能是我想太多了.心里都知道没大的可能性, 但还报着希望.

两天了, 都很期待,放工就快快回家,经过car park,就在那而找那红色的车在吗, 但都没看见.都知道没可能会回来的,但还是会找.


是我叫他拜了天空才回来的.虽然口是那样说, 但还是希望他回来.都知道不可能发生的事, 还如此期待,都不懂自己是不是傻了.

还推了另个男的约会,在家里等, 我觉得自己好傻.

就是不想找别人,快快看戏, 让我忘记今天是情人节.

工作上,家人的压力, 让我喘不过气来.


累了, 想睡.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wedding Dinner 2008

Next year, most of my friends will be age 29 in terms of chinese age(chinese age : birth age + 1 ). So there have a saying that either both man or women shouldn't be at that age of getting married. So I already estimate quite a number of friend will get married this year.

Before chinese new year, I already have know from a friend Lay Lang is getting married this year. So no surprise.

After chinese new year, the 1st day of work, I have already recieve another email from my friend saying that her wedding is next month.

Another one told be to be her "ji mui" (sister) that day on msn.

Here are the list of wedding I need to attend so far.

1. 01/03/2008 (Saturday)
Pei Hoon Wedding
Location:Everday Supreme Restaurant, Red Rock Hotel, Penang (7.30pm)

2. 14/09/2008
Ah Fay Wedding
Location: KL

3. 08/11/2008
Lay Lang Wedding
Location: Vistana Hotel, Penang

Hope this list won't get too long this year.

Happy Valentine

Image from Pupe

Happy Valentine my friends and to me. This year I will be having lonely valentine alone. Without him at mine side. As he say, everyday is a valentine to him. Althought the time we been together is quite long, doesn't mean that some celebration can be SKIP. When he come back, will "wat" him "gao gao" (Ask him to treat or something else... hehe)

I don't like outside, with all the flowers, loves that they are selling outside. Makes me more lonely. But think it after, this wasn't that bad as I have virtually dress up myself with flowers and chocolate on my Pupe account on the image above. Something that makes me smile

But to my friend outside there, Happy Valentine day and have a sweet remembered time with your love ones.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fabric Forture Cookie

Fabric Forture Cookie, I think I will do this next coming chinese new year for my friends.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

After a long long holidays - 12 days from my chinese new year break, I'm finally back to work. Was very lazy to get up from bed today. Was so sad to come back to Kuala Lumpur to work.

Was a great holiday, lots to write, lots of picture to share, lots of gathering with family. The only thing I miss is I didn't manage to have gathering with my friends. Home was too comfortable to go out too. Will update later all my pictures later as I'm too exhausted on my journey back to KL. My luaggage was too heavy, and I put on my shoulder and carry it, ended up having small bruise on both of my shoulder. Aching now. And the Rapid KL Kelana Jaya Train having problem causing my 30 minutes train journey ended up to be more then 1 hour journey.

Today morning I got a shocking news that my manager resign. What will happen to us? He is the one assigning task and work to me. Seems like not a good year to start.


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