Thursday, May 27, 2010

Won a Sony Camera

TS was lucky enough to win a Sony Camera DSC-S2100 worth RM499 by using swiping a minimum of RM5000 on his Standard Chartered credit card. (To him it is so easy to swiping RM5K per month).
This camera was better compare to my previous digital camera. It has 12.1 Mega Pixels, 3x optical zoom lens and the best part is the 3.0" Clear Photo LCD Screen. Woh ~ bigger then my DSLR. Video capturing is capable with this camera.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pipit 4th Wonderful Market - The day

Here is our booth at the Pipit 4th Wonderful Market. A design layout from Chiwawa Family. The event was crowded with tons of people in a small room at Annexe Gallery. We are sweating from the event start until the end.

My neighbour stall finish selling at around 4pm and he lend us place to sell ~ But the layout was in a mess.

I was more busy on selling. I didn't have more time to chat around and making new friends. I am looking forward for the next Pipit event. Thanks for everyone who drop by my stall ~!

Here are some interesting picture on items/things selling that day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I-City, Shah Alam

We was driving home from our new house and spotted this place called I-City along Federal highway. I-City is the latest MSC Malaysia Cybercentre Zone @ Shah Alam, Selangor. Too bad we didn't carry my camera stand along with us. Good part was the parking is FREE.

We manage to snap some nice picture I-City.
Does this picture like we are having winter at Malaysia? The scene looks like winter but it is actually very warm even it is on at night.

Ice-world at I-City. Everything in white LED lights.
Star shaped LED lights ~
Blue crystal balls ~
Penguins at the snow
Chinese New Year Theme lights and decorations. Picture are more yellowish as lights are in yellow color.
The huge Christmas Trees are build from pieces of snowflakes LED lights. I think they hang up the red lanterns during Chinese New Year.
Those LED Trees was bright and standing out on the night.

Detail shot of the LED trees
Lots of pine trees decorated with lights at the park.

Monday, May 24, 2010

7.2 Sun Moon Lake Tour 日月潭遊艇遊湖 Part 1 + 日月潭缆车 Sun Moon Lake Cable Car

Next morning, we reach the Shueishe Wharf (水社码头) at around 9am.

Today we plan to visit Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village (九族文化村)。

How go to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village from Sun Moon Lake?
1. By Bus
2. By Sun Moon Lake Cable Car

Our homestay is at Shueishe Wharf(水社码头).
The Sun Moon Lake Cable Car is near Yidashao Wrarf(伊达邵码头).
So we decided to take the boat from Shueishe Wharf(水社码头)to Yidashao Wrarf(伊达邵码头), where we can go to the Sun Moon Lake cable car station.

The lake tour is divided into 3 major stops:
1. Shueishe Wharf(水社码头) –〉Yidashao Wrarf(伊达邵码头)
2. Yidashao Wrarf(伊达邵码头)-〉Syuanguang Wrarf (玄奘寺码头)
3. Syuanguang Wrarf(玄奘寺码头) –〉Shueishe Wharf(水社码头)
At the back of the ticket has the time of each location on when the boat is leaving.

The earlist boat from Shueishe Wharf(水社码头) is 9.20am, and the latest boat from Syuanguang Wrarf(玄奘寺码头) back is 5pm.

Every boat company will have it's own time.

Pink yacht ~ kawai-neh

We took the earlist boat ride which is 9.20am. That day is weekdays and we are only the 2 passenger on the boat. Seems like we are renting the whole boat. Hehehe....

Reach Yidashao Wharf (伊达邵码头)。

But the Sun Moon Lake Cable Station look so far, we need to walk 20-30minute.

Here we reach the cable car station, there is a lot crowd on the station, especially more then hundred kids runing around.

We quickly move to buy our tickets.
There is a promotion purple lavender《紫戀薰衣草 》 on that time, our ticket to the culture village + cable car is NT$550 (normal price NT$700)
Our cable car ticket number was over thousand at 10.15am.

The cable car starts operating at 10.30am. I took the culture village map and study on it. It definately is a huge park and there is alot things to visit and play.

After waiting for half hour, it's own turn on the cable cars. It is not my first time on cable cars as there are cable car's at Genting, Malaysia. The Sun Moon Lake cable cars are in these 3 different colors: blue, red and yellow.

If you come to Sun Moon Lake, this cable car trip is a must ride. From the cable cars, you can see the amazing beautiful lake view from the cable cars.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

7.1 日月潭骑脚踏车游记 Cycling Exprience around Sun Moon Lake

After settle everything on the home stay, we decided to have a short cycling trip around the lake. Sun Moon Lake is a very huge lake. Walk or cycle the whole lake will take hours.

The last bicycle that I ride myself was 16 years old. It has been years that I didn't ride a bicycle and I was having a hard time controlling it. I fell down several times and TS say I look dangerous cycling like that. But gradually I manage to control the bicycle as I won't fall that easily.

The weather wasn't that good. There is so much fog around and we couldn't have a clear picture of the lake.

Poor bride is taking her wedding photo is such a cold evening.

The water of the lake is clear and clean. No rubbish. I don't think we can see clean lake at Malaysia!

There is a temple around our path. Its a small slope up the hill. I was exhausted cycling up the hill, thus I just push the bicycle up.

Finally reach the temple - Dragon and Phoenix Temple (龙凤宫).

Next we saw the Sun Moon Lake Tourist Center. Travelling at Taiwan is kinda easy as there are a lot of these travel center around the tourist place, it's a great place to source for tourist information, transport and accommodation.

In front of the Tourist Center is a row of shops.

There is nothing special on food at Sun Moon Lake. The most famous food is the lake fish called president fish(中统鱼), but the price is costly.
We stop by 7-11, TS brought the lunch box from Fencihu, and I brought another lunch box and we have our dinner in 7-11. TS lunch box taste as good as in Fencihu, but mine taste so so.

7-11special design t-shirt from Sun Moon Lake

The day become dark, we walk to the Shueishe Wharf(水社码头) to take some night views.

Here are some hotels in front of the Shueishe Wharf. It is so beautiful with the colorful lights.

On the wharf, there are some musical fountain performance. The mixture of lights, water the music just makes everyone so smoothing.

Shueishe Wharf night scenery which is full with yachts.


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