Friday, November 16, 2007

Bak kut teh @ Puchong

Once I saw a friend introducing a famous Bak kut teh aka pork bone soup, at Puchong. But the Bak kut teh still ok, can eat, She claim that is is better the Kepong's, but nothing so special. Ended up we when I look back to her blog, I just know we when to the wrong shop.

The waiters say the top left hand side is the most famous of the shop, it was a clearer, lighter version of the Klang Bak kut teh. The below on is like the Klang type Bak kut teh and the 3rd dish was salty vegetable. I like the Klang type soup because they give us alot of pork stomach. Yummy. The lighter version of soup doesn't really taste good. The salty vegetable to thick. I just love the soup/sauce of the salty vegetable but they give too much vegetable and too little soup.

I was hungry and I eat alot~~ Total cost for 2 bowls of Bak kut teh, 1 bowl of salty vegetable, 2 100 Plus, 1 rice is about RM34. Abit too expensive~~ Usually 2 person eat will be around RM20++.

Just an experience. Hope I got the correct shop next time I visit Puchong

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