Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Victor Love Song 品冠

Kinda fall in love with his this song "Just When I Needed You Most" (我最需要妳的這一刻) when I first listen at "Ladies First Marrige Show" (女人我最大) last week. He sang so sweet, with his soft and smooth voice, melts everyone's heart. Not bad for a chinese singer to sing english love songs.

Victor said that he was invited for numerous wedding dinner to sing at there. So sweet ~~

Here is the video clip for Just When I Needed You Most" (我最需要妳的這一刻)

I also love this 2 songs from his latest album "Need U Most" (最需要你)
track 2. Way back into Love/回到愛
track 6. Have I Told You Lately/最近我有沒有跟妳說

Way back into Love(回到愛) he sung with Fish Leong (梁静茹), soft and nice :)

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