Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pirate preparation

Friend: When are you having your Chirstmas Party?
Me: End of November
Friend: What, so fast are? The not even every shopping mall finish their chirtsmas decoration, you all already Chirstmas Party?

Well, my current company are mostly britian and they celebrate it earlier as they need to go back to their hometown, which is UK at mid of december. So december is a holiday month here. All people are in holiday mood starting from early November.

This year theme is pirates of the Caribbean. Such an hard theme compare to last year where is just something on your head. What am I going to wear, thats the big issue.
Pirates of the Caribbean lady dress are more on olden days dress where it is hard to find here. When I search from the internet. I see it's imposible to find this kind of dress in Malaysia.

Actually I love this one, looks cool, isn't it?

This look like hot sexy dress to seduce guys? Not suitable at all.

My collegue rented the costume from Costumes 'N' Parties at City Square at Jalan Tun Razak(Near Ampany Park LRT station) where they have 3 days rental of different types of costume. I saw this is very nice Royal Lady Pirate Costume.

Rental is RM90 including the hat. That's quite expensive. Just wear for 4 hours cost that much. But the bad thing is I totally cannot fit into the dress. Its too loose for me. But the dress is quite nice. Just its not fitting and doesn't look good on me.

This is how I look:

No choice. Need to think of my own.

Borrow a nice funky skull pirate belt from my housemate. Looks cool right. I have a plan on my mine how to dress up. Just that I don't know it will look good or not on that day.

I know those Mat salleh will be very serious in dressing up, my manager even went to tailor made the dress. Crazy right. But still have the locals to backup as not all will be dressing up so grand. As our chirtmas party is at the afternoon - lunch time, don't be surpise if u see a bunch of pirates walking at the street and inside the cars.(the way from office to the pub restorans)

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