Tuesday, November 13, 2007

to Early for Christmas Mood?

I was teaching Facial Gua Sha to my friend at my home yesterday and I just chit chat with my friend. Suddenly I saw my last year christmas tree on top of the shelf. Immedately ask my friend to take for me. Put the bateri in and start turning on.

One is with lights, red lights.

Another switch is for light and sound. 3 types of Christmas sound, don't really remember which song is which.

When young, I always wanted to have Christmas tree at my house, like what we see on the TV. But my house isn't a chirstian house so we don't celebrate Christmas.

During collage, me and my housemate did buy a small size christmas tree with decoration on it. Lovely.

But after working, the christmas tree don't know who take, ended up last year a brought a table christmas tree which is very cute and tiny but with lights and music.

Visit any blog or craft website its more into christmas items such as christmas tree, cards, present, ornerments... etc. All christmas related.

Our company christmas party is near too. 30th November. I guess its too early for here in Malaysia, but most of them need to go back to their hometown in UK and just us local which is lonely here back in office.

Do you have christmas mood already??

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