Friday, November 30, 2007

Xmas Tree @ KLCC 2007

KLCC always have the highest xmas tree on all the shopping malls.

This year, kinda look the same as per pervious year. Just some slight difference only.

But its still very nice. Pretty and wonderful ~~ There are other decorations around the mall. Later see got time to snap some.

November crafts and swaps

Bits and tips of time, I manage to come out some crafts

Love matchbox swap because they are small, tiny, cheap in postage, and I can do some crafts on top on the small matchbox. Just and hour I could finish the desgin on the matchbox, just the not easy part is to find the bits to put into the matchbox.

christmas (fun) time matchbox
Mostly are my handmade stickers, beads, cut off fabric with xmas feel~~

Blue, Silver and Snowflakes Matchbox(Top), Colors Of The Sea Matchbox (Bottom)

Kwik and Kawaii Zippered Pouch Swap

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Morden pirate outfit

I manage to find something like this to wear. Not so much like pirates, but does look something more towards a punk, but I like these outfit.

Xmas Tree @ Time Square 2007

When Time Square yesterday with my collegue too hunt for our Company Chirtsmas party Theme - pirates of the Caribbean that is coming this friday.

Chirtsmas tree on Time Square~~ So lovely~ hope to have 1 tree on my house like that, but I only got and mini one only.

See the ornerments and lights on the tree~~

The whole huge tree from the time square entrance, with snowflakes falling from the top

I love the snowflakes falling from the Sky~

Waiting for KLCC Xmas tree to be up ~~

Chirstmas socks & colorful stockings

Lovely isn't it? But this kind of socks really choose people to wear, if your leg is too fat, it will make your leg more fat ~

Multicolor socks are very popular recommand from Vivi from summer until winter now, but for winter, the quality more thick and heard can cover your skin color and look thiner.

Some tips in how to match socking (in chinese)






More at here>

Pirate preparation

Friend: When are you having your Chirstmas Party?
Me: End of November
Friend: What, so fast are? The not even every shopping mall finish their chirtsmas decoration, you all already Chirstmas Party?

Well, my current company are mostly britian and they celebrate it earlier as they need to go back to their hometown, which is UK at mid of december. So december is a holiday month here. All people are in holiday mood starting from early November.

This year theme is pirates of the Caribbean. Such an hard theme compare to last year where is just something on your head. What am I going to wear, thats the big issue.
Pirates of the Caribbean lady dress are more on olden days dress where it is hard to find here. When I search from the internet. I see it's imposible to find this kind of dress in Malaysia.

Actually I love this one, looks cool, isn't it?

This look like hot sexy dress to seduce guys? Not suitable at all.

My collegue rented the costume from Costumes 'N' Parties at City Square at Jalan Tun Razak(Near Ampany Park LRT station) where they have 3 days rental of different types of costume. I saw this is very nice Royal Lady Pirate Costume.

Rental is RM90 including the hat. That's quite expensive. Just wear for 4 hours cost that much. But the bad thing is I totally cannot fit into the dress. Its too loose for me. But the dress is quite nice. Just its not fitting and doesn't look good on me.

This is how I look:

No choice. Need to think of my own.

Borrow a nice funky skull pirate belt from my housemate. Looks cool right. I have a plan on my mine how to dress up. Just that I don't know it will look good or not on that day.

I know those Mat salleh will be very serious in dressing up, my manager even went to tailor made the dress. Crazy right. But still have the locals to backup as not all will be dressing up so grand. As our chirtmas party is at the afternoon - lunch time, don't be surpise if u see a bunch of pirates walking at the street and inside the cars.(the way from office to the pub restorans)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Donuts and Pie day

Free lunch today. Chocolate donuts from dunkin donuts at the morning at around 11am (consider lunch already. Dunkin donuts are quite nice actual, but compare to outside, its much more expensive, but yet tasty with the extra topping on top. And there have a lot of choice. Didn't manage to snap a picture on the donuts, next time then.

Later boss treat us Pies. I choose pepper steak pie from king pie office ~~ Hurray. The pies are nice, hot and the pie surface is nice~ They ordered 3 taste, mushroom chickhen, pepper steak, and cheese spinish. Mushroom chickhen is just so-so. I eat before thats why I know. Spinish cheese sounds weird. So at the end choose pepper steak. But I miss the pie they order at the Australia day last year, if I'm not mistaken.

Victor Love Song 品冠

Kinda fall in love with his this song "Just When I Needed You Most" (我最需要妳的這一刻) when I first listen at "Ladies First Marrige Show" (女人我最大) last week. He sang so sweet, with his soft and smooth voice, melts everyone's heart. Not bad for a chinese singer to sing english love songs.

Victor said that he was invited for numerous wedding dinner to sing at there. So sweet ~~

Here is the video clip for Just When I Needed You Most" (我最需要妳的這一刻)

I also love this 2 songs from his latest album "Need U Most" (最需要你)
track 2. Way back into Love/回到愛
track 6. Have I Told You Lately/最近我有沒有跟妳說

Way back into Love(回到愛) he sung with Fish Leong (梁静茹), soft and nice :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Xmas mood ~~

Boss seems like xmas mood already, starting to treat us food to eat. This huge muffin is from Starbucks, its bigger then the normal one stuff with chocolate chips. I thought it will be a small easy to finish one, but you know ended up finishing it in a full stomach. Nice ~

Pass few days, boss just treat us donuts, but he just brought a few and ended up not every one got 1, I was lucky as I got the blueberry donut which is nice~~ So I guess boss brought another time to treat the whole office.

I tried mango madness today~~ yummy. The yellow color is mine and the rest is my collegues one.

How to Make a Yo-Yo

Lovely Holly Berries Ornamnet from Sushine's Creation, they are made from yo-yo piece.

Not the yoyo we play. but the yoyo for crafts

No need the templete mold that I couldn't find here. Here is a tutorial on making a yo-yo.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Readymechs is a free cut and paste paper toy with cool design ~ Enjoy

Ribbon swaps

Last month, I have join the ribbon's swap which we exchange ribbons, the above 2 pictures are what I sent to my partners and the below 2 are those I receive from.

The top 2 is what I sent to them, I wrap them with kawaii deco tapes as they look neat and put them into nice plastic bags. I personaly like the packaging.

I love the bottom left because she give me a merry xmas ribbon which I cannot find from Malaysia. Cool isn't it. I plan to use that in my crafts and xmas cards for this holiday seasson. From the bottom right side, she just sent me a bunch of ribbons, but its some how good that I have more colors of ribbon to play off rather then buying new ribbons.

keymistress - a review

keymistress owns an online shop where she sells her handmade sew bags,tote bags and purse. I love her Japanese fabric that she use for her crafts. I always wanted to sew, but haven't have the chance yet due to I haven't buy a good sewing machine. We share the same interest on loving japanese zakka things and I love all her post on zakka items. She even have some tutorial on some zakka such as Make your own Five Stones which I played with stones when I was a kid.

Simone’s Butterfly - a review

Simone’s Butterfly is a blogger from South Africa. Digital Scrapbooking of her's is one of my favorite things to see along her blog. She also shares alot of tips on heath and exercise, motivation song, her daily life too. We share the comman favorite color of blue ~.

If you like digital scrapbooking and health articals, do visit her Simone’s Butterfly blog.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Chirstmas decoration

Lovely, isn't it? Chirstmas Advert Calender from allsorts. She even provide us the download copy for Chirtstmas dangles to print off. Nice of u~

She share's alot of handmade goods that we can try it at home. One of my favorite is the tiny button xmas tree~~ I can make one too as I have a number of buttons at home:)

She also create tons of cuteness illustration for kids. Cute. Even paper doll dress. and other dress up cloths.

She introduce Fjorn which I love this:

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Coffee for November

Its been a long time that we haven't have coffee or cakes. Suddenly someone of our office treat us coffee. Horray~~ always have free coffee to drink.

I tried berry banana because I always see them drinking. I like the berry but the banana seems like abit and tak masak to eat. Too young I guess

Rachel: words & things - a review

I love her swaps that Rachel posted at her blog. We share the same intrest which is love on kawaii stuff. I love the kawaii matchbox swap and the kawaii stickers she sent and I so wish I'm her partner:) And I love all her matchbox, they look simple but yet great. I especially love these:

Her blog mainly wrote on her life, foods, swaps, craft information, swaps and scrapbooking materials. Visiting her blog, makes me want to own all those goodies she get. For me, you can see a various of special and different things there.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Jacek Yerka

Jacek Yerka is a painter of the fantasy world. Woh~~ love the art work. Seem like in wonderland. First know here at JimJamZoo blog. All of Jacek Yerka galleryyou can search online

Some of my likes:

Spiders of scissors

This spider looks cool, saw them at JimJamZoo blog [click to see how they created them] where there is alot of special art, fun and useful things that we might never seen before.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Social bookmark

Free drop down social bookmark here~ nice

This have been a tread nowadays online and I have it too~~ on my RHS of my blog. So u can add me at your bookmarks too.

You can get it from:

Wondering what is social bookmarking? Commancrafts provide good and easy what to understand what is social bookmarking.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mail a flower

Stumble upon this lovely site sending online flowers to anyone. Lovely. Just sent one to TS.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bak kut teh @ Puchong

Once I saw a friend introducing a famous Bak kut teh aka pork bone soup, at Puchong. But the Bak kut teh still ok, can eat, She claim that is is better the Kepong's, but nothing so special. Ended up we when I look back to her blog, I just know we when to the wrong shop.

The waiters say the top left hand side is the most famous of the shop, it was a clearer, lighter version of the Klang Bak kut teh. The below on is like the Klang type Bak kut teh and the 3rd dish was salty vegetable. I like the Klang type soup because they give us alot of pork stomach. Yummy. The lighter version of soup doesn't really taste good. The salty vegetable to thick. I just love the soup/sauce of the salty vegetable but they give too much vegetable and too little soup.

I was hungry and I eat alot~~ Total cost for 2 bowls of Bak kut teh, 1 bowl of salty vegetable, 2 100 Plus, 1 rice is about RM34. Abit too expensive~~ Usually 2 person eat will be around RM20++.

Just an experience. Hope I got the correct shop next time I visit Puchong

Cut bits Christmas Tree greeting cards

More and more of Xmas greeting cards are showning on the internet. One I love most is this special cut and paste Xmas Tree greeting card. There are several more on the below of the page on present theme and snowflake theme card. Lovely

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Buttons cards

I love her free printable button cards from Yonnie. Her cards are so bright and colorful and she have cute special design of buttons. I love all these buttons but don't know where to buy in Malaysia.


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