Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whimsical Jar Swap

Here is the Whimsical Jar Swap hosted by Kelly. This is my first Whimsical Jar Swap. I always wanted to join this kind of swap but the postage to overseas are too expensive.

Here is the jar for my partner Pussy Cat. I notice that she did more on beading and I have send here some beads and charms from my collection.

I decorated the cover of the jar with Penny Black clear stamps, pattern paper and flower ribbons. I have added some glitter on the stars...

The front of the jar I decorated with a Cat holding a gift stamp from Penny Black. I stamped the word "It's your day.... spoil yourself silly!" which I think it is just perfect for my partner to spoil herself on so much craft materials that I sent.

Here are some sneak preview on the jar. I squeeze alot craft materials from fabric, lace, trims, ribbons, charms, erraser, clips, decorative items, kawaii items, deco tape and much more.... Here is the of the content that I sent to my partner when she pour out the whole jar.

Here is the jar that I received from Joan. She decorated the jar using fabric and beautiful laces.

A capital C embroidery on top of the jar. I think because my name starts with C.
Let me see what are on the jar >.<
Beads, buttons, lace, fabric, shells, wires, handmade goodies....
Love them...

It's been such a long time I never swap. I'm glad that I join this one and can't wait to use these lovely goodies.

Louis Vuitton Tivoli Bag

I got mine Louis Vuitton Tivoli Bag~ an it is Authentic!

But it is not 100% mine.

It is actually my mum's bag. She brought 3 Louis Vuitton bags when she visit my brother at UK. I am not sure why she brought 3, we interperate she is buying for us (me and sister), that why she buy 3. I curi one back to KL and my sister curi one back to Singapore. Haha~! Bad daugthers~! But she can't use so many at one time.

Buying Louis Vuitton bags especially at Paris is cheap then Malaysia. You can save hundreds and even thousands ringgit. Plus you have 12% tax rebate if you brought from Paris.

She brought:
monogram carvas Montorgueil PM
monogram carvas Speedy 30
damier canvas Bloomsburg PM

Last weekend, it was my first visit to Louis Vuitton shop at KLCC. I dare not enter those shops at Ground floor at KLCC as mostly they are branded. I manage to ecxchange damier canvas Bloomsburg PM to Tivoli PM.

When I enter the shop, no one seems to entertain me. After a few attempts someone finally talk to me.

The sale person will carefully examine the bag to make sure it is brand new and it is in perfect condition for exchange. The sling bag buckle has a slight streach mark on the leather sling bag and he refuse to do an exchange for me. I quickly phone and mum and let her talk to the sale person. Then the debating came. But after my mum complain, they actually let me exchange.
I was aiming a damier canvas neverfull and my mum ask me to buy another one for her friend. In LV shops, they do not allow customer to buy the same item for 2 piece.

Neverfull PM (small) looks perfect for my height, neverfull MM (medium) looks abit big but still acceptable. Neverfull GM (big) is way too big. After some trying, I still feel monogram carvas looks nicer and younger.
Later TS spot this Tivoli PM and ask me to try on. I was aiming that at the LV website, but its around 6 Euro and I thought it was too expensive. The sales girl told me the Tivoli is RM3850 and my Bloomsburg PM RM3400. Just top up another RM450 to get that bag. The sales girl claim that I get Tivoli rather then Neverfull as too many people is taking Neverfull. A few minutes of thinking, I just brought that. Gosh~~ I don't know why I just spend RM450 for that bag.
I really like the pattern, design of the bag. See somemore details on the bag on the zip.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Metal bookmarks

Thanks for the comments on my previous post. I am getting more and more better. Appreciated.

Did some of the bookmarks before I got very sick. I just wasn't a mood on taking pictures of them. I kinda like the how the metal bookmark inside the book. This is a plain smaller bookmark for novel and smaller books.

This forest bookmarks is a bigger bookmark. There have alot flowers on the handle of the bookmark and the tip is a beautiful bird.

You can get them at here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Abdominal Ultrasound & Endoscopy

As usual was not feeling well, especially after meal, I can feel alot of wind on my stomach, which cause pain sometimes. I have no appetite in eating. I know something is wrong with me.

I visit general doctors and they just gave me wind medicine and stomach ache medicine. But it doesn't helps. It got worsen when I was having my period last week. I hardly can walk or sit or work with the pain. I have to eat painkillers to ease those situation.

On Saturday, I went to a specialist at KL, my friend recommended me to go for a stomach checkup. For the checkup, I cannot eat before the checkup.

I reach the Clinic at 10am and register myself in the receptionist. They will let you know how much is the cost of the treatment and it is expensive.
First Consultation RM125
Ultrasound RM200
Endoscopy Stomach RM425
Endoscopy Intestine RM600++

I waited half hour until my turn to see the doctor. The doctor is a nice Indian guy called Andy. He first ask my situation, QnA question, check my stomach and say that I need to do the Abdominal Ultrasound & Endoscopy. I called my mum for medical card coverage, but seems that I cannot claim anything because it is not a referral from a general doctor and I thought it was a clinic where I cannot be hospitalize (which I ended up know that I can do so).

I was so angry that I pay for a medical card that cannot be claim~! Plus my stomach is just way to pain for my rational thinking and I just go ahead for the checkups.

First was the Abdominal Ultrasound, the doctor will take some liquid and rub on my stomach and starting to see from the screen. He told me is just alot of wind inside and there is no stones on my pancreas, kidney or liver. It was a fast scan.

Second was the Endoscopy, I was laying on the bed and they start to inject something to my hand. As I have small thin hand, it is really hard to find my blood stream to inject. I thought they are injecting the anaesthetic to make me sleep. But for a few minutes I couldn't sleep until when the doctor came and ask me to bite something. I lost consciousness and the next thing when I was awake, I was lying in another bed. I started to stand up and I feel like my head is swing like hell. I can't stand properly. I went back to bed and just lay down. After a few minutes, I ask for some food as I was way to hungry.

After a few snacks and went back to the doctor. The doctor ask TS to come in too, because I my head is still swinging. He let me see on a video that the result of the endoscopy and explain to that I have too much wind and acid on my stomach. And I was detected having Helicobacter pylori bacteria on my stomach. Plus my stomach was abit swollen. I just realise that the bacteria can cause stomach cancer if I do not take care.

They will be taking my stomach fluid for further lab testing. Pray hard that everything will be ok. The medication cost me RM227. Some of the medicine have side effect such as vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain....

Total spending on the medical bills is RM1127 for that day!

I think it is still worth the money I spend as I FINALY know what is bordering my stomach for such a long time. As least I know that I didn't get Cancer or some worst news on my checkup.

Would also share this around for those who have stomach problems like me. The doctor give me a list on food that will promote acid formation:

  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Pickles
  • Mango
  • Pineapples
  • Orange
  • Green Apple
  • Durian
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Gassy Drinks, eg: Coke, Pepsi
  • Milk
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Yam
  • Big Onion
  • Red Beans
  • Coconut Milk
  • Dhall
  • Pepper
  • Tomato
  • Curry
  • Chilli
  • Roti Canai
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Briyani
  • Loh Mai Kai (Glutinous rice)
  • Bak Kut Teh
  • Hokkien Mee

So many things that I can't eat for the moment.... :(

Here is the clinic address:
Pusat Gastro Medical Av Sdn Bhd.
Suite AG-3, Plaza Pekeliling 2, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, KL.
Tel: 03-4041 0426

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New release blythe 2009

Too many dolls released lately which makes my heart temping to get one. I love those limited editions one, which have brown color straight hair dolls, such as "Baby's Breath" & "Beatrice Vest",but the price will be above RM500 per doll by then.

CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe "Baby's Breath"

Blythe doll Beatrice Vest

Looking forward for this 2 dolls as they are much reasonable price and I love both green and purple hair. Just need to see their real picture soon.

Blythe Simply Peppermint & Simply Lilac

So cool doll that hook me once by I keep telling myself I need to long hair doll

Neo Blythe "Punkaholic People"

Alot people love this pink headed doll, I personally thinks its just so so... what do you think?

CWC Limited Edition Neo Blythe "Prima Dolly London"
How I wish I have more money ~!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Travel with Aeroline Bus

After the incident on the pudu raya bus station, I decided to find alternative ways to travel back to Penang. I wanted to find a bus that have TV inside so I will not feel to bored on the 5 hours trip back.

I remember my friend telling me that I can go for Aeroline Bus where there depart from Corus Hotel near KLCC. I quickly book a ticket online from their website. The only time they depart from Corus Hotel to Penang is 3.30pm every day. The price is RM55 +3% online ticket charges. I was too lazy to walk in the counter to buy so I booked them online.

If you book your tickets online, you need to reach Corus Hotel at 30 minute before the departure time to issue a real ticket for you. Remember to print out the booking receipt online where there have a booking pin number.

Corus Hotel is just a few walks from Avenue K. So stopping by at KLCC station will be wise. I always thought that it was the hotel beside Citibank which I am wrong. I stop at Ampang Park and I have to walk quite far to reach the hotel.

After issuing a ticket, there is a waiting area on the hotel restoran nearby the counter. You can order your free tea or coffee while waiting for your bus. They will call us at 3.15pm to check in the bus. And my bus departure at 3.36pm which is quite sharp in time to departure. Pudu raya bus never reach on time. The seat are very comfortable cushion seats which comes with pillows in each seat. Besides that, there have a toilet at the lower level of the bus.

After a few minutes of driving, the bus crew started distrube earphones for those who are interested in watching TV's. There are a small control panel on the volumn and channel on the place where you puck your earphone. Beside listening to TV sound, there are several selection of music chanel to choose. But one thing bad is you cannot select the movie you wanted. But it's better then staring at the bus.

Later the bus crew started to distribute subway chicken sandwiches for us. Then he started to distribute blanket for those who needed. And later ask everyone on coffee and tea. I didn't ask for coffee or tea as I don't drink them after lunch. The air conditional is quite high and it is raining outside. At least the blanket makes me not that cool.

I didn't watch TV too much. As I am too short and there is a tall women sitting infront of me :( I have the sit straight up to watch the TV. I slept several times, but just for a short time. I usually cannot sleep on the bus unless I am too tired.

I reach Queensbay Mall, Penang at 8pm, 4 and a half hour journey. The bus do stops at the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal.

When I was at Penang, I manage to pass by the NICE counter. Price of NICE bus is RM75 per seat with personal TV and RM68 with shared TV. The main problem is it departs from old railway station where I do not know how to reach there by public transport.

I will definately try Aeroline in future.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lines & stripes pouch

Its been quite some time I didn't sew... These fabric I cut sometime ago but was busy with other things. Recently I just took out my sewing machine and started sewing.

I kinda notice that bows is very popular now days, from hair band to hair tie even bags. Got inspiration from the nuts about you tote bags I did. This is a mini version on it. You can use it as a pencil case or a small cosmetic bag.

I just love the white pearl attach to the blue ribbon, simple yet elegant. I love this blue lines fabric a lot and I promise myself I need to make a tote bag for this fabric.

Another stripes fabric that is my favorite. It reminds me of something, but I don't really actually remember it. The combination of bright pink and light green is just so vintage... At first I wanted to do the bow as the blue stripes pouch but it somehow doesn't fit. (I do not have a matching color ribbon or string for it). I search on my "treasure" and found this pastel pink rose match it well.

Sometimes a simple fabric will make some difference if you put your mind and heart in creating it, to make it special and unique.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bag photography session

A friend offer me a photography shots on my bags~ I happily agreed. On a Sunday morning, my friend reach my house when I was still in bed. Drag myself out of the bed and we started our photography session.

We started to take photographs on the bag in my house. But it doesn't turn out to be too nice as my house is too small and pack with things. We ended up taking picture on the corridor outside my unit. It turn out to be beautiful with the morning natural lighting's. I didn't put any make up and wearing specs and I insist my friend to just take picture of my bag but not a my head. So most of these pictures are without head~ Even with just a body the bag looks nicer then just taking picture of the bag itself.
This is my favorite picture among the others.

This was the only picture my friend took indoor which is nice, because my doll was part of the picture :)
Some real picture of the bags~ They are beautiful and identical to the advertisement pictures
Too bad I didn't have any handmade bags for him to take photo.

Some other good shots taken from my friend. I am bad in standing for photography, I always stand like a tree and it makes me not natural. He manage to take some photos when I was doing something and it appears to be more natural.

Here is me standing like a dull tree.....

You can adopt some of these bags at Poupee Collection . Come and have a look~~

July 09 Doll Gathering #2~ just friends

We known each other because we have the same interest.
We know each other because we love this toy dolls.
3 beautiful girls with their dolls~ 2 of them are from Singapore.

The youngest member of our group ~ Abby daughter Sabrina with her doll
She is so lucky at this young age can owe a beautiful doll ~

Chit chatting session after the meals. The guy on the middle (I think is the restoran manager) was interested on our dolls and sat down and chat with us too.

Initially that checkers hat that I brought is for my doll. But this hat does not match her but match me well. That's why I am wearing that hat. Charlene has brought a lolita new dress froe her doll and they say it looks just like me. Does we look alike??

A picture with Jooli ~ famous doll dress maker

Late we arrange all the doll for a group blythe photo seasson. Allen is busying combing the doll hairs~ He look proffesional

All of us busying taking photos of these lovely dolls. See more on this lovely dolls picture at this post.

Here is our group picture with the dolls. Beautiful ler~~
(Click to enlarge picture)


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