Thursday, September 15, 2005



Link to online book:《大长今》

I known this long drama episode in Astro. Everytime when I go back to Penang, I will have some chance to watch at the TV. (KL house no TV).

First time, I saw the main character was a servant in the kingdom whom serve food.
2nd time, I saw she was a doctor.
3rd time, I saw the last 2 episode until the end of the story.

Hahaa.... what a way to finish up 1 long drama which is 70 hours long.

Every friend of mine seems to chase this movie. Why? Isn't those drama that cry cry and drag drag for very long? Hmm....

But later, what amaze me is that this is not a normal drama, it a real history in North Korea. Wah!!

Put this movie in my List 1st, before I forget.

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