Friday, September 16, 2005


What does the above sentence means?

Good or bad things are compared. Meaning: For an object, we can determine it's good or bad by comparision. Comparision as a same type.

I've been selling mooncakes for 1 month plus. As I promote my mooncakes, they usually will ask: "Is your mooncake tasty?" I definately will say "yes". And they will say, "aiya... you sell mooncakes, sure will say it's tasty la".

My friend ask me to buy those pasar malam (night market) mooncakes which cost RM3 - RM5 per piece and try. Then you will know the difference. But I never go and buy. Seens my friend say the quality definately worst then what we sell. No point wasting money to try food that is not good.

Today, as usual, there is a company meeting hell in my company.Moon cake festival is near, so it's a comman that we serve mooncakes for part of celebrating the event. I just eat, what is been serve there.
1st look: nah... not impressive, no special motive or design at the above of the mooncake.
1st taste: hmm..... things are to be compared~!! Compare those mooncakes that I sell and this one, the difference is too much. The Lotus Paste Taste is totally different. I've ate alot of mooncakes that I sold this year. With 1 bite, I could taste that, its very very not tasty. Not smooth, not so original. The skin also thick thick and taste bad.
2nd bite was the Shanghai mooncake. Shanghai mooncakes should be very "su". Once you bite, the whole layer of skin, you can see the skin contain several layes and very very "su". But this type is, cookie type skin. Plus it's much more bigger then the other mooncakes.But at least the ingrediants inside still acceptable. The lotus paste is much more smooth then the Plain lotus mooncake that I mention above.
It's very obvious that which taste better. Everything is worth the price you paid. I'm proud that I recommend my mooncakes to my fellow friend with a granentee that "It definately taste GOOD"!


izchan said...

yes, your mooncake taste better than all the night market stuff .. :)

well worth the money that I pay for the one you introduced.

紫雨 said...


Ayou said...

紫雨 : mooncake finish alredi... mooncakes festival end. Next year lo..

izchan: :)


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