Friday, September 16, 2005

LIVE Concert

Fish Leong Love Parade Live in Malaysia

Date: 1 Oct 2005
Location: Putra Stadium of the Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex Time: 8pm

Tickets: RM78, RM138 and RM188.

One of my friend ~ Janet plan to watch this concert. I don't know this concert at all until she told me she plan to go with her friends. She plan to buy RM188 ticket.

Is it worth it for 1 ticket of RM188 for a live event?
For me, some times it's worth, depends on how you determine the VALUE of the singer.
Which singer will you go? Which singer you will buy the most expensive ticket and go?

Me?? Here are my list ~~

  1. Lee Hom
    Because he is handsome, cute, very the MAN. Whahahaha
    The main reason is I love his music. His music is his creation which is super fantastic. I love his music rhythm. Very different from other singers. Plus he know how to play musical instruments - Piano, gitar, violin.... Its great to have a handsome MEN that know how to play musical instruments. Too bad his not a dancer.

  2. Jay Chow
    Most people say his wording is not clear enuough, but he still have great creation in the music world. His song's represent his own personality. Special in 1st place. Melody in 2nd. I more prefer his soft soft love song more. Hehehe..Plus his concert will be a very interesting one as he have alot of special clothing, effects, events, and entertainment for it's FANs. He knows Piano too. Argh... as long as the MEN know's piano, I will be very the crazy about him. Plus he have a mouth which in "N" in shape. Did you notice that? It's the same mouth shape as my LOVE.... Hehe.. Which I use to laugh him last time.
  3. Ah Mei
    Her concert seems HOT to me. She dance, she sings, she scream, she dress sexy, she sings love songs.... I use to be her fan last time during collage in Penang. WE use to listen to her song again and agian until we memorize all. But forgoten her song title. o_o
  4. Micheal Jackson
    I still remember there is once that he have a concert in MALAYSIA. Everyone was saying, if you this time no go to his concert, you will never have a chance again. Yeah... I guess so, seens now he is retire and with so many law case with him. Too bad! My parent's use to listen to his songs, which made us know him when we where in a very young age. Those old old song of his is also very good. Very meaningful.
  5. Yet to be found......

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