Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Wedding Dinner for Chan Peng :)

Last saturday, I went to Chan Peng's wedding dinner at Tanjung Bungah Country Club, Penang. She is the 1st friend/schoolmate that get married. She was very pretty that nice with red gown that nite. His hubby looks like "ping guan" that nite, very the handsome.

I wear U2 purple spagatee strip + mama's red, lace, long skirt. Very very loose. Mama say it's not nice to wear jeans to people's wedding. I added some BIG beads earing from my sister. Cool. Plus purple pink make ups at my face. No worries of of makeup problems.

Going to friend's wedding seems like Friends gathering. Why because she invited some friend in secondary school, Penang collage and some from KL collage. (Too bad, Kl collage friend didn't come). First, we meet Kok Wei, Beckham, Chen Han. Then when we go in the hall, we meet Siew Kee, Pei Hoon n bf, Han yin, York Chin n bf, Yong Yuan n gf, Gaik mei, Hee Phong, Saw Boon Keong n gf, and many more... (forgotten their name liao). So happy to see everyone, all have grown up become leng lui or leng chai.

We cheer her in her wedding. Chinese wedding usually have "Yam seng" (cheers) in every table by the host. They need to go table by table to drink up a cup of wine/drink. Its a chinese traditional. But this is a vegetarian wedding dinner, so no alcholic drink - wine. But still got beer. But the bride and her husband use orange juice to cheers with us. Supposingly everytable, you need to shout out "Yam seng". That's the spirt of the wedding dinner. But don't know why that day, a few table perform this act only. Not much. But when they come to our table, 8 girl+2 men+the couple shout like hell. It's like giving our blessing of happiness to the newly married couple.

Wish Han Siong and Chan Peng having a wonderful marriage and give birth to kid next year.

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