Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice. What so special?

Special in every Sunday morning, my papa at Penang hometown will blend a cup full of fresh carrot juice for us. Whole family. You can see 30 batang of carrot just disappear become 6 glass of fresh carrot juice. It is not like those we drink outside. Its totally fresh without adding color and sugar.

My love visit my home several times before. My papa blend extra 1 carrot juice for him too. But when I pass the juice to him, he seems to be very SAD face. Hard to accept the juice. Why? I don't know. I still force him to drink too. Those are from my hard work blend from my papa. So he have no choice but to drink it. Twice already. Like those mummy forcing their children to eat vegetable.

Later, from a friend of mine, I just known that he doesn't like carrot.. Oh my god~~ Finally known why his face like that. But as long as he got visit my house, he need to drink that juice. He can't say no from my dad.

For me, I'm a rabbit. I can even eat uncook carrot. Slice it into pieces and eat it as a tit-bits. I bring carrot to school to eat as tea break. Friends look at me as Alien. Haha... I prefer uncook carrot more then cook carrot. :)

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izchan said...

me love carrots ... :P


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