Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yesterday I eat Rendang. Rendang Daging (Lembu)
Shh... shh... shh...
Can't let my Love know. He won't kiss me that night. Hahaha.

Redang Daging is actually my favorite dish. Its actually beef. But cooked in a malay style called rendang. The spicies are very nice. But spicy. An good rendang dish is the beef is very soft and easy to bite. Some beef is not easy to bite. My freind told me that is related to how they cut the beef. The beef meat have trail, and if you cut the wrong trail, (not according to the pattern), when people eat, it will be very hard to bite. Like biting something that cannot be broken.

I like rendang then those steak at the restoran. So how I still haven't really try out the beauty of steak. But currently, I like Rendang daging the most. Whenever near Hari Raya (Malay New Year), there is 1 month they have puasa. I like to go there and eat their kuih muih and Rendang. Taste simply delicious. My mum use to buy us rendang too when I was in Penang for addition dish to add on. Althought my grandma always say that, if u pray the "Kuan Ying" god, you are not suppose to eat beef. But can't. Its taste good. Very delicious. My love can't eat because his more into religious. His way is not to eat beef from young. But I don't really care. Just don't let him know. Else he won't kiss me :(

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