Friday, September 30, 2005

Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet

One of my favorite snack.

I use to buy it when I was in primary school. It is either in one whole piece or in slices. Those days was just 20 cents per small pack 12g (number 4 pack). Use to go to the canteen to buy it.

In High school, every year we have an year end food party. I still remember that one of our snack is this Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet, I think they brought the biggest pack for the whole class - 180g (number 2 pack) which cause RM10++. At the end, we need to play games and the people who lose need to eat those fish fillet. Whahahha.

During Form 4 or Form 5, my classmates was discussing about snacks, I was wondering what they were discussing about. They say cuttle fish. I thought it was cuttle fish, but ended up it was the Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet they was talking about. Oh... there ia alot of people like that snack.

I usually buy 70g pack (number 3 pack) and I can finish up that pack in 1 day. Ummm.... So I need to control abit. And I particular like this brand. Other brand I don't like. Their taste is not quite the same. This brand is still my favorite snack :) :)

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