Thursday, September 22, 2005

Phone calls... Ring ring

Do you experience this situation?

During one period, my love do call me whenever I reach the office at 10am. Its seems like a daily routine task. He will sing "the pig" song and talk for a while before he end up the phone.

Suddenly, he stop calling at 10am. First day... hmm maybe he is busy. 2nd day...he forgotten. 3rd day... until one day I finally realise I was sort of waiting for his phone calls. Not purposely wait. Just its became an habit.

This method is usually use when a guy wants to chase a girl. First he everyday call, for several weeks. Until one day, he didn't call. That girl will somehow wondering why the guy didn't call her? Is it something wrong? She starts thinking of him more and more.

Eh... I'm his gf, shouldn't I have those feeling?? :(

Today he didn't called. Feel uneasy. Something seems not right. Feel lonely. Why don't I call him? Why should I call him.... Argh.... just write your blog la.

Still miss his call I guess. ALthought some time his call is just singing "the pig song". Love him.

1 comment:

izchan said...

your just in love.


or should I say, falling in love again ... :P


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