Friday, September 30, 2005

Pink Guava

Guava - Jambu in Malay. One of my favorite Fruit.

When I was young, my old house at Batu Maung, my dad have 2 guava plant and 1 mango tree. I still have my photos when I was a kid with the guava tree plus the guava fruit beside me. Guava have a strong refreshing guava smell from its fruits to its leafs. Very nice. From young, I always like guava fruit.

Recently, I brought Juice Concentrate with Guava favour. Wah... Its my favorite. It taste good. Similiar as to eating a guava. Yummy.... But different people have different taste buds. Some like mango, some like guava, some like orange... etc.

"Fresh guavas have yellowish/green skin and their flesh is either pink or white." I didn't know that there is pink guava until I buy the juice concentrate. Usually what we eat is white flesh. But pink. Never eat it before. Need to go look look at the supermarket. Might have some clues.

Why pink guava have a beautiful pink color flesh? Because it is rich in both vitamins A and C. Cool.....

Dried Guava Slice is one of my favorite too. LAst time I use to don't like this snack. I prefer fresh guava then dried ones. Fresh one seems more healty to me :) But after I friend of mine always buy for me this snack, its seems I more and more like it. But I need to drink much water after eating it. It looks like this

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