Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Alphabet stamps and craft scissors

Abit over spend on craft materials this month. But I was glad that I found these. Craft scissors 8 small piece for RM19.90 at Popular Bookstore. Very cheap if compare to Carl craft scissors, RM13 per piece. Gilter Glue for RM6.90 for 3 bottles at Popular bookstore. I love these gilter glue. Before this I brought the smaller pack, but my silver and gold almost finish from my last crafty project.
Alphabet stamps, finally alphabet stamps. I found it at a big bookstore shop at Petaling Street. There is only capital letters, but I wanted lower case letters. It was cheaper then those selling on craft shop. Without hesitate I grab 2. The bigger set is RM20 and the smaller one is RM12.50. There have other sizes too and number too. I used them on my bird ATC that I did last week.

Continue buying more on stock cards and color paper. Plus I found the glue tape at Popular Bookstore. A set of glue tape and refiller at the price of RM10. And I brought Sakura Pen for RM3.60. I found it cheaper compare to craft stores. I love wondering at Popular, they offers reasonable price of stationary and material.


giannigoh said...

how to use these Gilter Glue?

Agnes Sim said...

hey...i want to buy the alphabet stamp also. Where u got it? y the craft scissors is so cheap? I want to buy also. Faster tell me where u bought all these?

aileen :: motu said...

wow wow wow what a collection of scissors! you will have so much fun with them! i am also looking around for stock cards... but couldn't find good ones..

ee said...

小的那个字体我也有买。。过了很久才打开来用时发现有一粒“ x "的印章竟然是" z "..所以现在那盒有两个" z "。。。单据都不知道给我丢去那里了。换不到。气死我 >.< !


Ciyou said...

giannigoh:Gilter Glue is a glue to add on your crafts for decorations. I use them to deco my paper crafts + flowers.

agnes: Craft scissors: Popular bookstore. Alphabet Stamps at a big bookstore at petaling street.

aileen: stock card you can buy on scrapbook stores for nicer and good ones

ee: The alphabet stamps I didn't buy at popular. Will go and check see I have missing alphabets


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