Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Condo

Some snap shot with lomo camera again. This time is where I stay. I stay on a 18 storey condominum. Management of the condominum is very bad. The paint has faded but they didn't re-paint them and making it so old. I like those flat in Singapore. They re-paint the building once every 5 years. But not ay my country.
A playground for kids to play. Some students hang around there too.
Swimming pool that I never been swam before. My place is a "student" condo. Its near the college and alot students will be swiming at there.
A view at the 17th floor of the condo. From here we can see the KLCC and the shops and houses down there. See how rusty the corridor metal is. Somewhere not in my condo, but else where. But I love the blue sky.


giannigoh said...

Is near RahmXX there?

cloudberrie said...

Nice blogg! Found you via my friend Ying.

Best wishes from Eva in Sweden

aileen :: motu said...

the last picture is very very nice!!

same in HK, most of the building mgmt is poor. and the exterior of most of the buildings is usually dirty and aged... not a very pretty sight...

Ciyou said...

giannigoh: yes. Near TARC

cloudberrie: thanks for dropping by

aileen: Thanks. That why people prefer landed property so they can repaint their homes when they like.

ichigonad said...

isn't that the condo you have been saying for nth years?

Joan said...

i hv stay there 8 years ago when i'm still tarcian. it's new at that time.

PurpleCollection said...

aiks..no wonder those condo pics so familiar. It's Alpha condo right? I'm from Melati Utama. HEhehe!! kinda near.

QiaoEr said...

i'm ex-tarcian too...i recognize that condo. my sister and lot of friends used to stay there before!

Ciyou said...

ichigonad: yes, this is the condo that I was living for nth years.

joan: yeah, I'm a tarcian too. Not willing to move out yet.

purplecollection: Yeap, that is Alpha Condo. Kinda near we live, next time come BRJ remember to find me.

qiaoer: seems like alot of tarian here... Do u miss that place??


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