Wednesday, November 05, 2008

pyssla 拼豆

Pyssla, also know as perler beads(拼豆) is a new toy I brought from Ikea during the weekends. It was suppose to be a child's toys, but I found it quite intresting as I need to think a design in a pixel dot prespective. I need to buy the plates seperately.
I didn't notice where was a sheet of papers inside the pack. I first iron them directly and it stick on my iron. Second time i try using paper but I didn't know how long to iron. When I took out, the beads fell down. After several trial and error. Finally I got this small house. Cute!


Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Oh. wow! Didn't Malaysia sell them :)

great work, keep the spirit going ~

stay crafty!!

Ally said...

i love these beads too
so funny to do!

Ciyou said...

Yup, selling at ikea, kl. The beads is fun

Pinkish Creation said...

u sell the beads only?ikea so jauh la~plzz

Fadhlinasir Nama Diberi said...

how much u get the beads ya?
yg dkt IKEA tu..
harga berapa?

Niealex said...
its 25ringgit per box.
and the beads shape is abt 8 bux.

Anonymous said...

why the bead did not have in JB? only at IKEA in KL? Thats in so difficult to get it.


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