Friday, November 07, 2008


Trying lomo again while waiting for TS yesterday at the KLCC Park.

None of the park or the tower pictures look good - except one. Only the leafs look good.
I don't know how I manage to get this shot. But I like the darker color of the leafs with the bright blue sky.
This you can see the greeny leafs rather then dark color leafs on the 1st picture.

The water and the plants around the park. It's around 6pm at the evening and its a good spot to just walk around and breath some fresh air from the woods inside the contrite jungle.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel looks like a huge building on this angle. Love the zakka color of the building, or is it from my lomo camera?
Going back to Penang later this afternoon. I have a good high school friend that is going to get marries tomorow. We as friends will hop by on the morning to become her "sisters" 姐妹 to make fun of the bride. Afternoon to the church (I think I won't be going to the church) and at night will be her wedding dinner.
Hope everything runs smoothly and well.


Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Have fun in Penang :)

take care too!


aileen :: motu said...

i like your last shot. very nice and antique looking.

Ciyou said...

Thanks ladies


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