Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cultural Village Part 1

Cultural Village is a giant historical park, located on National Road #6(just 5 minutes walk from our hotel). Admission is $12 USD and a free tour guide for group admission.

We reach there at noon time and spend the rest of the days there.

First we visit the wax musuem. Here is the welcom aspara made by wax. Looks real and beautiful. With the tour guide, she will explain each and every statue inside the musuem.

The next destination was the opposite of the wax museum, where there display tools and materials they use to build the angkor wat and the rest of the angkor buildings.

This painting was on the wall and it is so beautiful.

Next was the Miniatures building around the cultural village. One of the miniature I like the most is The Royal Palace at Phnom Penh.

Big sleeping buddha infront of a pond.
Some nice view on the Cultural Park.

There are alot of areas that you can snap pictures with, this is quite a cute spot- tom and jerry.
Inside the Cultural Village, there are alot of performance to watch at. Will write on my next post: Cultural Village Part 2.
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jojoebi said...

Hi, I have just stumbled across your blog from paper and string. I got married in Cambodia, had wedding photos at Angkor Wat, took the elephant ride up the mountain to see the sunset - then had to climb up that temple in my wedding dress... LOL.

I took a pledge today to leave a comment on all the blogs I love and new ones I stumble upon and like, pop over and say hello sometime :o)


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