Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food at Cambodia

TS like to eat. So he expect cambodia will have alot of good food to try on. Who knows after some discussion with those friends that visited Cambodia before told us that there is not much good food to eat. Instate need to be extreemly careful on food and drinks there.

But I still found some are tasty, some are special and some are unique.

Pork Noodle was the 1st food we tried. All of us are scared. But it turn out to be very tasty. The pork soup are delicious. Not this restoran is tasty, but those buffet we have at Siem Reap, all their pork noodle taste good. But this pork noodle is 7000 Riel (RM7)
Our food was included in the travel package. Their arrange us eating at restoran (more cleaner). This is their cambodian(khmer) dishes. Some curry, fermented fish paste with meat, chickhen. Making of fermented fish paste is something like the process of making soya sauce. The fish is keep and wait until it is all rotten during those monsoon season where there are alot of fishes. It does not smell smelly but in fact it taste good.
Crocodile soup at the steamboat bowl, vegetables, eggs and meat.
Amok trei - (Otak otak) is very nice. The one is bamboo bowl. It is fish coated in a thick coconut milk with kroeung, either steamed or baked in a cup made from banana leaves. It is quite the same as we eat at Penang.

Cambodian Dessert - Taste good

Our breakfast at Siem Reap Hotel. Omelete taste good. They serve fruits, but everyday is pineapple and dragon fruit. Seems every where serve this 2 fruits only. We only have the found watermelon on one of the buffet dinner. But pineapple is something that you can try. It is very sweet.

The was the meal we ate inside the Angkor Park. Coconut and can drinks are USD 1. So drinking coconut are more worth the price. The price for meals in Angkor area is slightly high compare to those stores we eat near the old market.

Thai Food. Quite nice and clean with good enviroment. A more high class restoran. Our tour is 8 person. So every meal is like 9 to 11 different dishes. And we are like hungry ghost, ate all. Almost every meal, kangkung is a must dishes. Almost every meal we are eating that.
Here is a meal in a chinese restoran. Some taste good as some restorans owners are from China. Most of them are Teow Chew and some are able to speak Teow Chew too.

Here is an interesting scence that we saw at Central Market Phnom Penh. The seller in on the middle serving foods.
Some of the must try food:
1. French bread
2. Sticky rice in bamboo
3. Sugar cane piece selling at the road side

Below are some pictures we find interesting, yet some people will find it disgusting. Just be prepare on what you are watching.
Asam at the road side. Fermented with chilis and spices. Shell Seafood (Ham) with chilies selling in a trolly. Who dare's to eat?
Duck egg?? No!
Its actually Fetus of a duck.(Fetus of a 15-18 days duck). Cambodia people say it is a good tonic.
We 8 people only tried one. It is mix with pepper and I have one bite of it. Taste like chickhen with pepper. I even eat its wings with feather. You can see clearly its head, body.... A pretty good exprience.

Fried grasshopper. I didn't eat, but my friend tried and told me it is abit too salty and not very nice to eat.

Black spiders. None of us dare to eat.


mangosteenskin said...

i have fun reading this post. i'm not sure if i dare eating the spider or grasshopper too! and the Balot-duck fetus...ooh!

Sing Yee said...

OMG! I saw a TV show about the duck thing! o.o I'd be freaked out if I even see it, let alone eat it. You're too daring. ^o^ Hehe... And the fried insects... heard about thme being popular in the northern parts. :P Wow... You sure made the most of your trip!


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