Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Neak Pean and Banteay Kdei

Neak Pean
Neak Pean are mythical lakes and whose waters are thought to cure all illness. Neak Pean was originally designed for medical purposes, as it is one of the many hospitals. In the middle of the four healing ponds is the central water source. It was raining that time when we visit it.

Because of the raining season, it is full of water and we couldn't have a closer look on the building at the middle.Four pools represent Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. Each pools have object to represent it. This is one of it - an elephant. The pool now dry up can we are able to seek in and that photographs
Banteay Kdei
Banteay Kdei is the place where have the most detail carvings from pink stones. It is carve by women workers at those time. So the carving are much more detail compare to others.

We are not allow to enter this area. Full of detail carving all over the buildings.
Banteay Kdei has been occupied by monks at various intervals over the centuries. It is unknown to whom the temple is dedicated.

Snake with the teeth. So detail carvings.

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