Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Celebration

After an tiring move over to the new office, our boss treat us food and karaoke. And a make up celebration on my birthday.

This cake was brought by Zoe from Sun Moulin Café and Bakery at Isetan . Alot of places was not selling a full cake. So she walked so many places to get 1 cake for me. Touched....

Tasted Good. Not too sweet. Best store in fridge, as the cream part will be abit too soft.

Me holding the cake. Make a wish, and blow the candle.

We then headed to Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Both John have good recommendation of this Restoran.

Funny part was the shop don’t have a food menu. Everything’s written on several blackboards placed on the walls using just chalk. So we need to suck our head ups and thinking what to eat.

See how big is the portion of the Salmon Fish and Chip. Both John say that these are the “authentic”chips they eat at UK. The fish and chips was put on a thin piece of white paper following with layers of newspaper underneath. We ask them why? They told us that in UK, fish and chips are wrap with this thin white paper and follow by layers of newspaper. Just like we eat those RM1 nasi lemak which is pack with newspaper.

John T have order some mushy peas and curry chickhen. Suprisingly the curry chickhen taste good too.

They have order bread with butter and suprising the bead was like twice the size of our local bread. Gosh~~ How the could finish like this big portion of food?

Zoe's fish Cake + spinach. Looks small but very filling.

All of us were extreemly full. I couldn't finish my chips either.

After the meal. We headed to Lowyat for Karaoke. John M never been to the karaoke. It was his first time. He refuse to singing at the begining, but after i few push on us. He was singing and singing until the end he can sing those MTV without wording. Haha. Got addicted. John T was so familiar with karaoke. He sings those english songs that I never heard before on my entire life. But because of their british sound/slang, they sings perfect with english songs, rather then us singing english songs with abit chinese slang.

Zoe sings well too. Very good indeed. She can sings Ah Mei's and Fay Wong songs without reducing the keys. Cool.
As for me, I just simply sing. Karaoke to me doesn't mean that I need to sing perfect, but just enjoyable. Some parts I even sang abit lost.... Haha... Those 2 guys won't notice what I sang.
Everybody enjoy and we have a good time. Thanks guys.


wcheryl said...

Happy belated birthday! :D

Catherine said...

hey hey, happy belated birthday ya gurl!
looks like u had a great time :D

Ciyou said...

thanks girls


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