Sunday, October 19, 2008

Flower ATC (Received)

Here is the flower ATC that I sent and the above is what I receive from 5 partners. One partner was so generous and gave me 2 ATC. Everyboday seems to have its own technique or style in creating cards.

I find these group of people are just so generous in sharing ideas and technique - chinese Cari forum (CARDMAKING自制卡片及工具分享区). They welcome you as a beginner and try to answer all your questions. As a beginner on any crafts, you will be lost, alot things you won't know unless to buy and try and try. It is great that there is someone there to guide you to prevent you going to the wrong path. Or even give you tips and where to buy crafty stuff that are cheaper in price. Or even the correct tool. I glad that I'm a part of this group.

I have some bad exprience in other forums where the group of person are no so friendly to answer question. They just ask you to go ahead and try first. Or go search online for answers. Or read thru that thousands of post before questioning. It really shows how our country education influence them : Not to question so much but to seach yourself! Such a sad thing.

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