Friday, October 17, 2008

Gold embossing Wedding Red Packets

I always wondering why people can create lovely effects cards and why not me?? I finally found the answer. They spend alot of money in tools. That's why.

Saw this heat gun at Craft Haven, 1- Utama 2 months ago. Was doing a promotion of RM88. Was wondering want to buy or not. Because if I buy the heat gun, I need to buy the Versa Mark, the embossing powders. Plus I need stamps so I can stamp a picture up and do embossing. I am so lack of stamps and if I buy stamps, clear stamp need clear blocks. And both stamps are not cheap. Just a headache to make decision. Decided to buy on my next visit as I'm going for vacations.

To cut the story short. I brought this Heat Gun at Stencil Works, 1-Utama (2nd floor, near the old wing cinema). The heat gun is RM89.50 because Craft Haven which is selling RM88 doesn't have stocks anymore. Stocks will be coming but not sure if it is RM88 anymore in a months time, according to the seller. Versa Mark Stamp ink pad RM28.50 is from Stencil Works too. The embossing powder (RM15.90) is from Craft Haven. I brought gold and clear powder. Should get the sliver one of my next visit.

Carved this wedding mouse and "Just married" stamps. The word is so small and it take me more then 3 hours to just carve this 2 stamps. Don't want to spend money in buying stamps are like that, need to be patience carving them. Plus they are unique.

These are wedding red packets (ang pow) for weddings. I have this idea because everytime when I attend a wedding, I always use those McDonalds or Coffee bean ang pow that is just not related to wedding. Those are actually chinese new year "ang pow". But because I didn't buy any wedding "ang pow". So I used them for all these while.

So these are for my next wedding dinner that I will be attending at Penang next month.

For the Red packet: I stamp it with Versa Mark inks and put the gold embossing powder and heat it with the heat gun. The powder will melts and form a shinning gold color. Beautiful.

Closer snap shot of the emboss "angpow". For the pink packet: I stamp it with Versa Craft ink and put with clear embosing powder and heat it again. But not very successful I guess. MAybe my ink dry off to quicky. They told me to use pigment ink, but I'm not sure Versa craft is pigment ink or not.
Embossing looks good in fine lines stamps too. This are some of my try out of those kawaii stamps with fine lines. But some the words melted together.

Heat Gun also works perfect for the popcorn pens. It pop's in like just 1 minute. Faster then my hair dryer alot.

TS seeing me so happy and busy using the heat gun, he came and join for a play on the popcorn pens.

Its fun playing with embossing. But I need to stock up more stamps or carve more stamps from now then.


mangosteenskin said...

well done! you are getting better and better with stamp carving!

joanna said...

yay! now you will never go out to buy cards!! ^__^

i like this embossing technique too! it's really handy.

leekean said...


onebowl said...

its a great idea to do your own ang pows! and love the stamps you carve! very pretty!

wcheryl said...

Wah, I like the ang pao!!

Ciyou said...

Mangosteen, Onebowl, wcheryl: Thanks for your lovely comments

Joanna: Yeah! from now I can made my own cards. Embossing is fun.

Leekean: 还是买,好好玩. 印章可以自己刻, 或慢慢买clear/rubber stamps.

aileen :: motu said...

!!! i also got this funfill heat gun some time ago!!! just haven't got a chance to play with it!!!

very pretty work!!!!

Ciyou said...

thanks aileen, take it out and try again. its fun

Eija said...

You have carved very nice stamps. I think I could not do the same.
Greetings from Finland :)


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