Sunday, October 19, 2008

Many carved Stamps

Yesterday didn't went to stock take. Which means the whole day is mine. TS is sick and he need to work at home later at night, so we just hang around at home. I was in the mood on carving and I carve so much. I trace more then this but I just couldn't carve all of them. Too many.

I love the apples and the swan the most. The chirstmas stamps looks great too. Planing to do some greeting card for Chirstmas soon.

Below is the erraser that I use. You should be able to find them at some stationary stores at Malaysia.

a) & b): I love to use these both erraser to carve. They have the same texture and they are medium hard and easy to carve.
c): I never use before. So no comment on this. I guess should be the same as b)
d): Similar texture compare to a) & b), just a bit harder,with a larger width of erraser for larger width of stamps.
e): Medium hard erraser
f): Soft erraser. Easy to cut but too soft, sometimes will miss cut those fine lines.

To me: softer erraser is more easy to carve. Because you don't need too much enegry to carve them. It is not good in carving for fine lines. I prefer medium hard erraser. I don't use those branded erraser. I find cheap errasers are so suitable for stamp carving. I recomend to try on a) or b) erraser for beginners.


giannigoh said...

All these stamp was carve by yourself?

Ciyou said...


Aneesah said...

They're awesome! What do you mean by trace? Do you mean drawing the designs from somewhere?

I love the tree/leaf ones and the reindeer with a border. ^_^ For the pictures that have two colours, I suppose you coloured the inside after stamping? ^^;

One more question -- what kind of knife and stamp ink do you use? :)

aileen :: motu said...

thanks for the tips!

i love your carved stamps very much, especially the duckling, so cute! i must practice some more!

Ciyou said...

aneesah: yeah, trace from books or magazine. For the 2 colors, its just 2ns stamping over the 1st stamping. I didn't color it.
You can refer to my older post for stamping tool at

aileen: practice more and looking forward for your new carving soon.

ee said...



Ciyou said...

ee: should be no problem. Made one for me and we can swap

my.firstSkizze said...

i found this really helpful. wanted to learn how to carve after seeing ur stamps. they are all very nice especially the reindeer..cute & adorable. thx ciyou for the inspiration... :p


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