Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunny day

It almost rains everyday. Starting from lunch time, around 12 noon and it stops. The continue raining around 5pm, when people starting to pack their bags and go home. Massive jamming at the train station this few days. I been squeezing alot inside the sardin fish train.

Yesterday was a good day. No raining at lunch time. Either at 5pm. Only raining abit at around 2pm. Snap this few lomo pictures on the way to buy my food at lunch time.

Lamp post full of spot lights or leafs or .... actually I don't know what it is.

KL Tower is so near my office. Actually it is like 30 minutes walk to reach there. ShangriLa Hotel is near by too.

Mounted leafs on the road side. Near to the Hanabi Japanese restoran.

Artifical leafs in a globe in front of the sushi shop.

Bottles of Japanese wine(I guess) at the fountain pool infront of the Japanese restoran. I never went to eat before. The price is quite high. But lunch time, I can see still alot people inside the restoran.


giannigoh said...

Cool.....all are very clear... Oh~~I want minimo too

ee said...


Ciyou said...

giannigoh: Yeah its beautiful. Go buy and try yourself. Its fun

ee:I use minimo to take, a digital lomo camera.

ee said...


Ciyou said...

minimo is RM200, I brought at until camera section.

babyvrony said...

Hie hie, I just bought a Minimo too but the pics are all blur. wanna ask about how to take a clear pictures? were ur pictures taken by landscape mode?

Ciyou said...

babyvrony: I usually use landscape mode. Just hold the minimo with both hands when u take pictures. the pictures is blur because your hand is shaking if you are using 1 hand to take pictures. What I usually do is, for 1 scence, I will take several pictures, as I don't know when I will shake my hand. Hope it helps.


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