Friday, October 10, 2008

Lomo with Minimo

I love colors. Lomography just suits my color desire. Strong contrast on color combination is just what I want.

Some example on my first try:-

Took on a 12noon sun. Very bright colors.

Multiple colors combination. Just beautiful.

Old colors photo

Lots of trees
Picture are capture using this mini keychain camera. It stores picture using SD card. Operate using 1 AAA bateri.


ichigonad said...

The colours are nice.
I do the same kind of photo shoots myself but with my sony phone and not on an SLR ... :P

♥ Karen ♥ said...

Ciyou, I like the forth pic really really much.
It is very very beautiful and amazing!
You should frame it!

DNUSC Creative Studio said...

Minimo... 2 megapixel macro?? love the color.. so vibrant

Ciyou said...

DNUSC Creative Studio: yes, minimo is a 2 megapixel keychain camera with lomo effects. I love it so much.

Anonymous said...

hi,may i know where u got this camera from? and how much is it for? i'm from singapore.. pls email me at thank u!!


Ciyou said...

i got it from

Mag said...

Ciyou, how much u paid for the minimo lomo cam? from where u brought it? can i have the seller contact? thanks...

Mag said...

by the way, my email is pls do let me know as i'm interesting in it..looking everywhr to get the minimo cam.. =] thanks.


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