Thursday, October 16, 2008

Butterfly Award - For the coolest blog I ever know

I have been awarded by both people: Karen and mangosteenskin for this wonderful award: For the coolest blog I ever know. Thanks guys~!

For those who decide to accept this award, I would appreciate it if you could do the following:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

I want to pass these very special awards to these lovely friends:
Cheryl, Prezzie (Seok Liew), White Garden, Candlelight, izchan, yoonie, sing yee, molly chicken, Ivy, little beary li, Gianni Goh, Aileen, Samantha, Tang Mei Ying,Joan Beads House 珠珠馆, cassettee, onebowl, pfang.


ichigonad said...

I have coolest blog award?
:) ... wow.


But I really can't accept.
There are just too many things in my opinion that makes me not cool.

So putting this might make people laugh their heads off.

Pai Seh ... :P

joanna said...

thank you, ciyou!!

li li said...

thank you, ciyou!! ^o^

♥ Karen ♥ said...

You are welcome ^^

aileen :: motu said...

wow, thanks so much ciyou!!!! ^_^

Little Ghost said...


giannigoh said...


Ciyou said...

little ghost: put the icon on your post and just link to people and friend that you think you want to give them this award.

Sing Yee said...

Hey... Thanks for nominating me. :P I'm such an irresponsible klutz... Only replying you now. ^-^"


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