Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I love accepting letters

I manage to go to the post office today and finally got this letter from a online friend - Gianni Goh . Both of us meet online and share comman interest in carving stamps. She was so generous and sent me this handcarve shampoo bottle stamp with a small card. Her cards are full of her handmade stamp stamped on the card. And color them over. Such a kind heart girl. Her carving was neat and tidy. I can see how she carve and will improve on my carving too.

Thank you, Gianni.


giannigoh said...

Fortunately, postman didn't koyak my mail.....^^
Hope can c ur new job. I will start my job tonight....will let u c soon.....

BlueGrass said...

Very nice card, haha. She really is a nice girl ^_^

ur carve stamps also very nice, i like them too.

Ciyou said...



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