Monday, October 13, 2008

Sakura Coin Purse & Macaron Sewing pins

Another swap that is very rush for me. All because of my lazyness. The swap is 2 months time but I drag and drag until the last minute. Actually I did a coin purse for the swap, but it is way to ugly to swap it over.

Started to take up sewing again. Sewing is just way too difficult for me. Compare to paper crafts. I seem doesn't know how to handle the sewing machine properly. I always cut the wrong size of fabric, sew the wrong zipper on it. And I need to tear down the strings again and re-sew them. The previous coin purse I done, the fabric thin and makes it too soft to even stand alone it self.

After tons of try and error. I finally made this. I even break the needle when I sew toward the zipper part. I didn't sew on top of the metal part of the zipper. Can someone tell me why this is happening? Or how to prevent my needle from breaking.

Added a Macaron Sewing pins that I made from light weighted clay. Hope my partner will like it.


kawaii crafter said...

the macaroon sewing pins are adorable :)


onebowl said...

the macaroon sewing pins are sooo cute!

Ciyou said...

Seems like alot of people love the macaroon sewing pins.... hehehe


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